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By The Cars Forever ·

I am moving into a new building in the near future. I will be in my own office, but in an area with mostly non-IT folks. I need to furnish the office with a desk, workbench and storage cabinet that are all functional and professional for an office environment. While in an enclosed office I will still be visible and don't want the typical metal racks with parts and equipment exposed. Overall I need to have an office that will be functional for an IT pro, but professional for a standard office.

To help a bit more, let me describe the type of work being done. I perform technical support to about 400 users and spend a decent amount of time on the phone as well as having my hands inside various pieces of technology. The workbench is mostly used to perform PC and printer maintenance as well as prepping systems (i.e., installing OS and/or software). I do not do a lot of tear downs requiring soldering, but do regularly fully disassemble printers, computers and laptops to service them. I have a number of tools that would be nice to have managed as well as something to help manage the normal rats nest of cabling found on most workbenches.

Regarding storage, I have a lot of the common items many IT folks keep around. I have a sizable number of spare components like power supplies, drives, video cards, memory and motherboards. I also store larger items such as a couple printers, some monitors and a couple computers and laptops. I would like the storage to be enclosed for aesthetics, but lockability is not important as my office will be locked when I am not in it.

I will have about 10 foot x 20 foot to work with though there are a couple doors and windows that I would prefer not to block if possible. I am initially thinking of having the workbench on one 10 foot wall, the storage cabinet on the other 10 foot wall and then the desk somewhat centered in the room facing the doors. That said I can definitely be convinced to change the placement for the right setup. Cost is a factor, as always, so I cannot have a mahogany desk with platinum trim but can spend a bit to get the right setup. All in all, I am looking for a professional, functional and cost effective setup.

Any thoughts?


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What you need

by santeewelding In reply to Professional IT Support O ...

Is a cloaking engine.

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Go to some places

by LocoLobo In reply to Professional IT Support O ...

like OfficeMax or Staples and test sit some furniture. Preferrably you want a fully adjustable chair. It all depends on your budget. You'll find really expensive (to me) furniture.

My home office is strictly Salvation Army furniture. Except for the computer desk which is one of those cheapies from Target.

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Already Gone To Office Supply Stores

by The Cars Forever In reply to Go to some places

Sorry I didn't note in my original post - I have gone to Staples, Office Depot and a couple other office supply stores. We are looking at something more than the pressboard type furniture typically found in these places. While I can't have excessively expensive furniture, I can spend some money to keep the office looking professional.

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I don't know then

by LocoLobo In reply to Already Gone To Office Su ...

but for some reason the name Ethan Allen pops up in my mind. I don't even know if they still exist. I worked for them as a temp in the 80s. They were very good but high priced.

Take a look at the formaspace link in nicknielsens post. The workbenches, racks and shelving look good to me.

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Appreciate The Suggestions

by The Cars Forever In reply to I don't know then

Thanks for the thoughts - I had not considered Ehan Allen - I'll take a look and see what they offer. It is nice to have the 'problem' of needing to spend some money on furniture <grin>.

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what you need to find is an

by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to Already Gone To Office Su ...

IKEA store, they have all sorts of furniature and storage cabinets and sorts. most is made of solid wood that was either stained and varnished or painted.


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None In My Part Of The World

by The Cars Forever In reply to what you need to find is ...

Thanks for the suggestion about IKEA. Unfortunately I don't have an IKEA in my part of the world so popping into a store is not possible. That said, I will likely give them a shot on-line and see what they have to offer.

Thanks again for the thought as I had forgotten about IKEA.

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Consider the following...

by NickNielsen In reply to Professional IT Support O ...

...if they'll let you spend the money!

For your workbench, consider designing your own at http://www.formaspace.com example at http://i111.photobucket.com/albums/n152/nnielsen/FormaspaceWorkbench.jpg) BenchDepot (http://www.benchdepot.com) is another good source. Regardless what they let you get, you will need a work space and an overhead shelf and light.

For storage, consider mixing open shelving (http://preview.tinyurl.com/y89qdaf) with cabinets. Use the cabinets to store the ugly stuff?cables, keyboards, mouses, hardware, small parts, etc.?and store the big pieces such as printers and PCs on the shelving.

I understand your desire for cabinets for everything, but you will find that the only printers that can be conveniently stored in a cabinet are personal printers such as the LJ1300 or Lexmark E250. Full-size printers either don't fit or exceed the weight limits of the internal shelves. If appearance is a problem, you can probably find cloth to use as a drape over the front of open shelving.

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Like I said

by santeewelding In reply to Consider the following...

A cloaking engine...in your example, a drape.

None of this is about the particulars of this cabinet or that shelf, or drapes.

It is about apology.

He drapes it with, "professional".

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It's Not Apology - It's About Being Office Appropriate

by The Cars Forever In reply to Like I said

I am not apologizing for the work I do, I just don't want to have metal frame racks and parts lieing around in contrast to the sleek look of the rest of the office. Since I am being allowed to purchase furniture for my new office why shouldn't I try to improve the appearance of my work area? There will always be equipment torn down, cables/parts on the bench, etc but that doesn't mean the work space and storage can't be given a more aesthetically pleasing look. This is not going to be a back room where appearances aren't as important. This will be in full view of customers so taking the time to select furniture that won't detract from the overall office appearance is not asking too much in my opinion.

Hope this clears up what I am trying to achieve.

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