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By itsmeman1 ·
hello all,

has anyone worked in an environment where it is frustrating to ask for help because people are so busy or people are just so simply annoyed and frustrated with their own work that its hard for you to get the help you need?

i work in a clinical environment, and let me tell you, the feel i get from the organization as a whole is pretty negative, down right sad, but on two sides... I enjoy the work, and I enjoy the company, just not the way where I work is managed. I can also see that the company is running itself into the ground, and its making very poor choices. the product as a whole has several threats, which makes things much more pressure oriented. Many people in the company are leaving to go to better companies, do new things, and many people openly say how much the company sucks... The leaders on my team I tend to view as down right pessimistically negative, and over worked. However, because of their, "seniority" they are treated like royalty.

so my question is, how would you express to your managers your frustration with the internal support you receive (which has always been a frustrating and stressful thing for me), and then how would you also expressed being over loaded with work on issues you have been unable to technically solve? My performance rides on this... I cannot do my job effectively at the level they want if they are not going to help. That's just how I feel. I have felt this for several years, however it hasn't been a big deal until the company began super focusing on our performance because of market problems.

can anyone recommend any good resources on dealing with these things?

thanks in advance.

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Here's my few cents worth.

by cmiller5400 In reply to professional opinions nee ...

Start preparing/updating your resume.

If the company is going down the toilet, why go for the ride down the drain? Sounds like you are in a no-win situation, time to move on.

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No quick fix.

by LocoLobo In reply to professional opinions nee ...

cmiller makes sense. You should definitely be looking at your options.

That said, how to fix your current problem? Professionally, politely ask for input from the necessary parties anyway. Wait for their response and listen. Ask more questions. Ignore the negativity and come back with a question. That's the first step.

Second, help those around you. Be the person they can come to with a problem. Build your own support group within the org.

This may or may not work. Some places may actually can you. But if it doesn't work you are probably better off somewhere else anyway. That's why you need to start looking for a better place to start.

Just my 2 cents.

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