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By Maevinn ·
Do you belong to any professional organizations? Which ones? If so, how did you choose them? If not--why not?

I don't, but am interesting in finding one that will help me network, and to familiarize myself with how operations run in other organizations...Any suggestions?

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No one?

by Maevinn In reply to Professional Organization ...

So no one here belongs to any of the IT professional organizations?

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Well, Mavyn,

by Old Guy In reply to No one?

for what you were looking to do in your original post I have found most of what I need here in TR. I have posted a few questions on how to do something and get answers from all over the world. I browse through the discussions and the Tech Q&A and have learned a whole lot from these folks here in TR. Some have helped a specific issue I might have had but a lot of it has been stored in what memory space I have left upstairs for future use.

I'm sure some of the professional organizations are very helpful but, for me, I like this organization. :)

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by Maevinn In reply to Well, Mavyn,

I to belong to several online groups/forums, and am as active on them as I can be. It's the 'real world' contacts that I'm looking for...And have no experience with! At my last location, there weren't many organizations--Wyoming not being the bustling IT burb that some may think. So, when I looked around years ago, online was the only feasible option. I'm not sure what all national level organizations there are with local branches here, so was hoping for recomendations on what national level orgs people feel they've benefited from.

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Woooo, dar, slow down...

by dawgit In reply to No one?

First you ask for 'Profesional' then why do I have this feeling you're trying to IM everybody. Slow down, it will come to you. Profesional useually isn't instant.

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by Maevinn In reply to Woooo, dar, slow down...

Sorry, not sure what you mean. I'm just asking if there are people here who have good/bad experiences with IT groups. An article in FCW: piqued my interest and I was looking for some feedback from users here. If that's overstepping any bounds, or attempting to assign myself some title you don't think I'm worthy of...Well, whatever.

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no offence, just a point....

by dawgit In reply to Huh?

I had seen where, you answered your post when you thought no answer was an answer, hense the 'slow down' a little. The point being, most of the folks that will give good answers, and pointers, will wait a little while before they post, it could be that they are 'Thinking'. (that's not a bad thing to do.) Just give people a little time.

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:) Okay

by Maevinn In reply to no offence, just a point. ...

No offense taken, makes perfect sense. Sorry--still trying to get a feel for board dynamics. Other forums I belong to consider it acceptable to 'bump' a post if it hasn't gotten a response within a certain time frame, but clearly that depends on the level of activity. I thought 24 hours was a reasonable time frame--I'll give it longer in the future.

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What you have to remember

by jdclyde In reply to Huh?

not every post gets seen right away. Here it is after 11 pm on a sat night before I saw this.

So just remember that if people don't respond, it usually is because they just didn't see it as it flashed by on the "new discussions" list. I personally almost never even look at that

I hope that better explains what dawgit was refering to. There was no insult intended.

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A couple cents more

by Tig2 In reply to What you have to remember

I saw your initial post and thought, "I should answer that. What do I find valuable about my professional associations?" And then life stepped in. I hate it when that happens...

It may also help to know that Dawg is in Germany. I sometimes have to read him a couple of times before I get it- like having a conversation with someone with a heavy accent- you have to tune your "ear".

I think this is a great discussion as it helps to open an understanding of which organisations are helpful and which are not. And to discuss what we get from them.

Believe it or not, one of the most helpful orgs I ever belonged to was the Christian Airline Workers. I still have many friends who are active and it remains a favourite. I hope to find work in that industry again as I no longer qualify for membership and would like to. I think that what set them apart was that they tried really hard to be the supportive org that they set out to be.

I think that any woman should at least look at NAFE. These are the thought leaders in business and have a great deal that they want to make available to EVERY woman in business.

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Professional Orgs and Inner Circles

by Fred123456 In reply to What you have to remember

Funny, back when I started my career I had no idea that their were "Prof Orgs" or "Inner Circles". Then again, I was one of those na?ve, free loving, IT radicals where the world should share all their data..
Professional Organizations ?online? or ?real time? are great resources but are hard to break in to. Especially in IT where your skills and knowledge are scrutinized until you ?earn? your place. Most of the Professional Groups I belong to now I joined out of necessity.
For instance, I paid my dues($$) to become a member of IEEE, which got me the magazine and an account for the web site. It also entitled me to a bunch of email based evaluations. It wasn?t until a started participating in discussion groups that I met people online and in person and started making what I call my group of experts. People I can rely on for strong, well educated, ideas and suggestions about technology. These same people and groups became the sounding boards for questions and suggestions when searching for new positions in IT.

Another example I can give is my experiences with my first serve side coding job. Back in the old AOL days, yes the real old days, I used to play the Never Winter Nights Gold Box Edition, online game at AOL. I was a solid 4 hour a day player, GM, blah blah blah. Five years later I?m working a dull job in a World Wide delivery company and I get a call from my head hunter. it seems a small local gaming company needs a programmer. So I get an interview and sit down with the owner, it ends up he was a GM in the same game. He remember me and I remember him and that landed me the job as server programmer for the MMORPG they had going in development.

The best advice I can give is find a group that you can associate with well, you can contribute to, and is just worth the effort to stay active with.

But choose wisely, the last thing you want to do is start in to an Org that seems to be the perfect place to discuss ideas and projects. To then find out six months or a year down the road that you?ve been collaborating with a bunch of high school kids who experiment in their local computer lab.

You can really never know if the people you are talking to are kids, Tech Gurus, or CEO?s so I would join a few and just monitor for awhile. The jerks and ego hunters will show themselves right quick and you'll get a better idea of what the group is like.

Blah blah blah.. I talk to much..

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