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    Professional Reviewers of PCs, Laptops and Tablets


    by mdg1957 ·


    A number of people use professional reviewers to identify products for purchase. In the Key Information tech information area of any review there should be a clear indication of the OS support period. I checked a review dated June 2021 on Chromebook reviews and it identified a Chromebook suitable for school where the OS support is turned off in 2022. How many children/students are anticipating only doing one year at school / university?

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      Wouldn’t it depend on the major or course of study?

      by rproffitt ·

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      Many courses have mild requirements that a Chromeboook would be just the ticket and you can get by with such. Now a Computer Science course would demand a normal PC that you can install the compiler and so on.

      As to your note about OS support turning off, if that’s a concern then get a current model that has longer support. That said I have a few Chromebooks that are years out of support yet they work fine as Chromebooks. They will never have the latest features but they are fine and still do what they did when new (web use, Google Docs, etc.)

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