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By seekerofthings ·
From Windows 7, on its own physical HDD (logical drive G), I changed the ownership on my C Drive (XP installation, separate physical HDD). The reason I did this was so I could access permission denied folders without having to reboot and logon with XP. Now when I try to boot into my profile on Windows XP I get a profile error message. I can't remember offhand the exact description but under detail it says "incorrect function". My desktop background is missing and most of my programs/apps won't work. Is there a way to reset ownership values to default, or another easy way to fix this. It was originally set to OWNER CREATOR. I tried to set it back to that but I still received the same errors. Any help is appreciated. If you need anymore info just tell me and I will try to provide it. I have XP Pro 64bit, and Windows 7 32 bit.

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Try this

by scott_heath In reply to Profile issue

In XP, go to My Computer, and right-click on the C: drive. Go to Properties, then the Security tab and click Advanced.

Go to the Owner tab and make yourself the owner. Then on the permissions tab add yourself with full control if you aren't already there. Then check the box to replace permissions on all child objects and click apply. This could take a looooong time.

It isn't the optimal solution, but if it works it would be the easiest.



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XP Pro 64bit, and Windows 7 32 bit.

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Profile issue

As far as I know you are for BAD LUCK as 64bit and 32bit OSes will not work together in the way of accessing each others' drives. Both of them operate differently in the manner they access their drives.
Sorry about the language as I could not explain properly.
Everybody else am I wrong or right? Correct me if I am wrong.

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