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By abuchholz ·
We currently have Roaming Profiles on our NT 4 network, which I am trying to move away from. The users don't typically use any other workstations but their own and these profiles are getting huge. What is the best way to move from roaming to local profiles?
I'm not all that familiar with roaming profiles, but this is what I have done so far (on a few users):
I deleted the profile path from their account in the server's user manager. I copied the profile from the server to the local workstation (because so much of the user's information/preferences were contained in these profiles and the users did not want to lose any of it). I added the user to the workstation (local users and groups) and entered the path to where the profile is located, locally ("C:\winnt\profile\ '...etc) - in the workstation's user manager for that employee.
Here are a couple of the problems that I am experiencing: the profiles are reappearing on the server again (mind you, they're now 0-200 kb in size as opposed to the 64-90 MB that they originally were), and I cannot delete the buggers ("access denied/sharing violation" type message appears). Permissions show that the Administrator does have full control. How do I delete these profiles from the serverand have it so they aren't regenerated when the users log on again? Any other tips or things I should do/not do?

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by blackman In reply to Profiles

Hi !

In User manager for Domains remove the profile path for each user that you do NOT want to have a roaming profile, then go to the users workstation, log on as Administrator, right-click the my Computer icon, select properties and then select the User Profiles Tab. select the Users profile and then the change type button and change it to a local profile ...

Hope this helps ...

Best Regards !

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Making roaming profiles local

by davisr65 In reply to Profiles

1. log onto client as administrator
2. go into control panel\system\profiles
3. choose the profile you want to make local, then click the local check box
log/then off as the user so setting will be saved locally
while user is logged off go intotheir home dir and whith all files showing (even hidden files) and delete them.
4. on the server remove any paths under the users" profile tab manager

note when you switch the profle from roaming to local at the user pc, it is copied from the net to the local dont have to copy it manually......

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