Profiles for School Network

By scott_langshaw2 ·
Hi All

I am looking for abit of advice more than anything.

I have set up a brand new network in a school this summer and i hav set it up as creating one default profile for the whole network with the printers and all the settings in it but i am having a few problems with it.

I am just wonderng if anyone has any better solutions for profiles for a school.

Any Help Appreciated


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Use profiles, but differently

by dpalsen In reply to Profiles for School Netwo ...

Most schools I've run across have different logins under one profile for teachers, one for T/A's, and one for students. What are you trying to do?

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My Aim

by scott_langshaw2 In reply to Use profiles, but differe ...

I dont want the school to use roaming profiles as they get quite i big size and over time it can take forever to log on.

I will just let you know what i have doen up to now. I logged on a machine with a profile account made all the changes to the account like added printers ran the internet first once wizard all the usual things then i have copied that profile to all the default user folders on all the pc's in the school using a script but im having problems with machines coming up with having to use local profile.

Thinking about it now i would like staff to have one profile. Then the kids to have one profile but i really dont want to go down the roaming profile route.


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Mandatory Profiles ?

by Jacky Howe In reply to Profiles for School Netwo ...

There are a couple of ways to achieve what you want but you shoud consider using Mandatory Profiles.
It has a couple of benefits.
Lower bandwidth and the Profiles will stay the same size. You could creat a seperate Profile for Staff and Students. I have given an example of how to create a mandatory profile below.

Logon as the Local Administrator to perform these tasks

How to create a custom default user profile

We had what is known as a (SOE) Standard Operating Environment. Each and every System had the same Software installed. A Teacher could move a class to another room if there was a problem with the original and Students could keep working.

To create a mandatory profile. Create a folder on the file server in your profile folder called ProfNT.Man

Create a standard user account on the file server. This is your template. You could call it Prep or Root. Point it to the ProfNT.Man folder for the profile.

Logon to a workstation as the new user and set it up as you want it for your users. When you are happy with what you want log off and then log back on to double check.

Log off and go to the file server.

1. On the server ,Start "regedt32".

2. From the "Window' menu choose "HKEY_USERS".

3. Next, select"Registry" from the menu and then "Load Hive".

4. Browse and select the ntuser.dat from the folder called ProfNT.Man.

5. Enter "suser" as the name for the key.

6. Highlight "suser" in the pane on the left.

7. From the "Security" menu choose"Permissions".

8. Give "Everyone" Full Control and tick "REplace Permissions on Existing Subkeys".

9. Click OK.

10. Once completed, ensure "suser" is highlighted and choose "Unload Hive" from the "REgistry Menu".

Close regedt32.

Navigate to the ProfNT.Man folder and rename ntuser.dat to

Direct your new users to the ProfNT.Man folder for their profiles.

Create a mandatory user profile

How to assign a mandatory user profile in Windows XP

Slow Logon

Make sure that DNS is set up properly on your Server and it points to itself, and also make sure that the Client is looking for the Server, for it's primary DNS.

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