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Profiles permissions wrong

By njaneardude ·
Here is the problem: A few months back the old admin wanted to move the Profiles and Home folders to another server. I forget the circumstances but after the move he moved everything back. The permissions reverted to Authenticated Users modify on everything and Domain Admins full control. All the newly created Profiles and Home folders have correct permissions.
Problem #2, which I think I know the answer, is that everyone can browse and EEK go into someones folder.

The shares are:
Share permissions:
Authenticated Users: FC
Domain Admins:FC
Security Permissions:
Authenticated Users: FC
Share permissions
Authenticated Users: Change
Domain Admins: FC
Security Permissions:
Authenticated Users: Modify
Domain Admins: FC

Domain Admins: FC

I gather I should put the old $ after both share names and modify the scripts to reflect that, cures browsing. But fixing currently hozed permissions, what to do?


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Profiles permissions wron ...

this is not uncommon problem as you guessed.
maybe this will help:
How to restore the default NTFS permissions for Windows 2000;en-us;266118

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

i am guessing the permissions got lost because the consultant copied the folders without copying the permissions with them.
sounds like then somebody just shotgunned the fix by opening it all wide up...

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by njaneardude In reply to

You hit the nail on the head with the copied/inherited permissions, but my problem is I have 1200 profiles and 1200 user folders with a mix of correct permissions and hozed permissions.
I think I have a fix. I am rnning CACLS on the shares. Will import into Excel, find and replace (with colored cells) all of the profiles/homes folders that have Authenticated users versus the owner of the folder and manually hunt and peck and fix the permissions.
The CACLS text file is at 200+MB now, hopefully my workstation can handle the import!

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by njaneardude In reply to Profiles permissions wron ...

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