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Profiles without Internet Access

By skivtmp ·
All of our employees have user IDs that have roaming profiles. They can log in on all machines (all running Windows 2000 Professional SP4) and expect to gain access to Internet Explorer (version 6.1) and internet through Microsoft Outlook (version 2000). The domain server is running Windows 2000 Server Small Business with SP4 installed. Internet explorer is up to date as is Microsoft Outlook.

When two certain user IDs log on to ANY machine, they can gain access to their e-mail but not the Internet...Internet Explorer displays "page can not be found" for all pages they try to access. If a different user ID is used, those users can access their e-mail and the internet. Is there a setting in the active directory that can allow certain user IDs to not have internet access? Anyone have any thoughts? All machines have been scanned with spybot, adaware, and all temporary internet files have been deleted from the profiles that do not have internet access.

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by EdLockett In reply to Profiles without Internet ...

Delete and re-create the profiles of the users experiencing the problem. You can copy the profiles from other users that do not have this problem.

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by rindi1 In reply to Profiles without Internet ...

Those two users have probably picked up some malware which is now preventing the from surfing the Web. It looks as if your System is well locked down as this malware only affect those users. The previos answer should therefore do the trick.

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by VinnyD In reply to Profiles without Internet ...

Yes there is a group you must belong to in Small Business Server 2000 to access the internet

I believe it is called

Backoffice Internet Users

The person must be a member of that group in order to get access to the internet.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Profiles without Internet ...


We had a similar problem: 1 machine (Win2kPro), 2 accounts - one had Internet access, the other did not. Our problem was caused by the fact that we had been using software (Wingate) to control Internet access, and it had not been properly uninstalled before we moved over to a router and got rid of Wingate. Even though we were just using DNS to control access to the internet, the settings in Wingate were causing Internet Explorer to go to the wrong place.

Make sure you do not have any other software that is being used by the locked-out account which may be trying to control internet access, and which may be conflicting with your present method of Internet access.

Good luck

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by Mikel~T In reply to Profiles without Internet ...

Have you gone into the Internet Options and checked under the Connections Tab & LAN settings to see if they have a Proxy Server specified?

Can you ping any external DNS names? ping or ping ..if it resolves and you get a response I'd wager it is a proxy setting.

Hope this helps.


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Fixed profiles internet access issue

by miked2 In reply to

In IE 8. Tools, internet option, advanced, reset. And reset all to original and delete user files. That did it!!!

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