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Progam still left in task bar?

By Sunhawk21 ·
Hi all,

When I preview a screensaver from the desktop settings and then move the mouse to stop the preview, there is still a program icon (not quick launch icons) left in the taskbar called screen saver (this should normally disappear). This happens each time I click preview and I get the same problem when I view a video from a music single cd.

I am having this problem with two computers running Windows 98 second edition. Is there some kind of patch available to stop this or is it a graphics related issue?

Please help

Thanks all

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Progam still left in task ...


I have seen this many times on several versions of Windows. I often find that clicking the 'ghost' icon will cause it to disappear, as will refreshing the desktop. In my experience it does not imply that that the program is not responding, but is, as you suggest, a graphics related issue.

The screensaver takes up a lot of graphics/cpu processing power, and takes a little longer than most programs to 'exit'.

I do not think it is doing any harm. My computer (WinXP Pro) has a 256MB graphics card, a 2.8GHz chip and 1.5GB RAM and I still see this effect, particularly when previewing screensavers.

I would wait and see some more replies to your question. Maybe someone else has had a different experience with this.

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by DouglasB In reply to Progam still left in task ...

I too have seen this problem, usually on Windows 98* machines. There is a blank icon on the task bar, click it, it goes away. You might try upgrading your graphics driver, but as previously mentioned, it does not hurt anything and you might open a can of worms just to fix a simple problem.

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by padum In reply to Progam still left in task ...

u can try with more graphics memory. Do reguler
defragment ur hdd.try leesen software running background . I even face this kind of problem but don't see any harm.

hope u enjoy . thanks

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