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Program / hardware Compatability (Net.)

By jjradebe ·
My name is John, I having this problem:

I have two (Pentium II, 350MHz CPU, 64Mb 66MHz SDRAM) Computers,
running Windows 98 and have 6Gb Hard Disk Drive linked to a Backoffice PC
(Celeron 2200MHz CPU,128Mb SDRAM, 40GB Hard Disk Drive) running Windows XP
Professional. The backoffice shares 16 Bit Point of Sale program which runs on
peer-to-peers network. My problem is that this program runs smoothly on
Pentium III machines than in Pentium II. would you please advice me on whether to
upgrade my two Pentium II machine, since I believe windows 98 support 16 bit
programs and I set Windows XP is to run on FAT32.

Thank You
john (SA)

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Program / hardware Compat ...

this is unknowable without testing imho. ask pos software vendor or try it out yourself.
why not stick with win98 if it is working??
peruse on support for dos programs in windows xp

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by pctech In reply to Program / hardware Compat ...

I have two suggestions for you -
1. Replace the two PII systems with more current computers. AMD XP 2.8/512 cache CPU, a motherboard that supports dual channel ram architecture ( Gigabyte 7N400L - built in LAN - for example ), and a 40 Gig. hard drive. 2 - 256 meg PC2700 ram modules ( 512 meg. total ) set up for dual channel use ( see motherboard manual for instructions )A mid tower case with 300 watt power supply, or better, and any other options you need for the computers. XP Pro is best on these systems and for domain logins. You can use the two current PIIs as file storage on a peer to peer and do not use them as work stations. TOOOOO slow.
2. Upgrade the existing PIIs with the hardware mentioned. Should the current case have a 300 watt power supply, or better, you may be able to use the existing case. Should you decide to upgrade and keep Win 98SE, install 384 megs of ram. Win98 will not support anything above 384 megs. of ram.
I would also add more ram to the current XP Pro system. XP LOVES ram.
16 bit apps can be installed on NTFS partitions. The format, FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS, has no effect as to if it is a 16 bit app or a 32 bit app. The application does not care for the OS controls the file system. The OS determines as to what type of apps it can run. I have a client that has a DOS based app installed on a Win 2K server using NTFS partitions without any issues.

I hope this helps you.

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