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Program not listed in Add/Remove Program

By tech06 ·
Is there a reason why not all installed programs are listed in the XP Add/Remove Program windows? I was trying to remove certain programs that I installed before but they're not listed in there. The account I'm using has Administrator's right.
Running on Windows XP Home Edition sp1.

Thanks for all help.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Program not listed in Add ...

Not all installed software will be listed in Add/Remove programs. Many programs use custom versions of InstallShield.

The program should include an Uninstall icon.

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by TheChas In reply to Program not listed in Add ...

When a program is not listed in add/remove programs, it usually means that the developer wrote the installation routine to NOT add the program to the list.

Most of the time, this is purposely done to make it harder to remove a program.

Look on the start menu in the folder for the program.
There might be an uninstall listed there.

The next place to look is the folder with the program files. There might be an exe file named uninstall.

You can also try running the CD and see if an uninstall option is available.

If none of the above work, you can try software removal programs. Or, do it manually.

For manual program removal, there are several steps.

1. Remove the start menu entry for the program.

2. Remove the program files and folder on the hard drive.

3. (The tough and risky step)
Purge the registry of entries that refer to the program.
There is ALWAYS a risk when you edit the registry. It is wise to make a backup copy of the registry before editing.
Start by searching for the program name.
As you find keys that contain the program name, note any key words that you might wish to use for further searches.
Edit or delete the keys that relate to the program.
Search again on any new terms you discover.

A safer way to purge the registry of keys for the program is to use a registry cleaner such as Norton Win Doctor, or V-Com Fix-It.


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by hpm100 In reply to Program not listed in Add ...

GO TO C:\PROGRAM FILES and find the program in there, then delete it. Then go to the recycle ben and empty it, Problem Solved.

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by Poettone In reply to Program not listed in Add ...

hahaha, poster number 3 keeps the rest of us in business..

I'm sorry I had to let that one out..

What was the problem again:)

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by rus.grafx In reply to Program not listed in Add ...

I wish it was that simple as post #3 suggests.
Some applications (like certain Windows updates, etc) are not designed to be uninstalled.
Ususally those applications set SystemComponent value to "1" in the Uninstall key (aka Add/Remove Programs)
The best way to uninstall apps like this would be to use a Norton CleanSweep (or the likes) that registers ALL files installed by an app, and able to cleanup your system after you're done with that app. Or you can use Windows' Restore function to roll-back your system to a certain point in time.

Good luck,

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Add an Already Installed program to the windows 7 programs list

by PremioDesign In reply to Program not listed in Add ...


This is a very Bizzar circumstance, but I have the Adobe CS4 Master Collection, all my programs work correctly except Photoshop CS4.

Everything is installed correctly except for some reason Photoshop doesn't appear on the programs list.

I can click on the short cut launch icon for Photoshop and it does launch correctly.

The issue is, that when I click on a ".psd" file (which is the file extension for Photoshop files) the window pops up asking me to select a program from a list, which is fine, usually you would just scroll around and select the program, click add as a default program for file extension like this in future and away you go, but even if I head to the program files directory and select the Photoshop short cut icon and then click ok it doesn't work, it simply returns to the select program window without the Photoshop application option.

and before anyone suggests it, i have restarted my computer about 10 times as well re-installed the software 3 times now.

I believe I can fix this problem if there is a way to manually add a program on window 7 to the installed programs list, if I can do that then i can set Photoshop as the default program and then never worry about it again.

Can anyone help me.. next step is a re-format of windows.. not fun.

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