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Program opening slow over network

By neil's space ·
I have a machine on our network that takes forever to open up a word doc. from another machine on the same network, have tried ping - ttl is 128 other machines dont have same problem, if I open a word doc from the Hdd it opens immediately. The card is running in full duplex mode, could this be a missing or corrupted file? which file would it be? I have not hung arround to wait and see if the doc opens when getting it over the network.

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Verify Network Settings

by itctonguy In reply to Program opening slow over ...

Pinging is good as long as you're using TCP/IP as your default network protocol (Win 2k and Win XP default to TCP/IP, all previous Win products default to NetBEUI or Microsoft File/Print Sharing). When pinging, you want to check out the time= more than the TTL, b/c TTL just specifies how long the packet is valid, as opposed to time=, which displays how long it took to receive an answer after the request was issued. If TCP/IP is your default protocol, then check your network settings. Verify the destination file is in a shared network folder, and that your account is setup to have access to the share (don't forget your ACL if using NTFS), and then verify your TCP/IP settings to make sure you're on the same network (subnet should match, etc). If you can ping successfully anywhere, most likely the card is working properly, unless you have an out of date driver.

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had the same probs

by ratkaeppchen In reply to Verify Network Settings

hi, this may not be really a network problem.
We had hidden references in word documents, which
were showing to the original computer, where the
documents came from. Tes: simply drag the document.doc to the top of your notepad.exe ( or an hex-editor ). Then you may find something like unc-names in it...
On an NT4 Notebook offline, a 35kB document took
about 5 minutes to open - the user took no offline hardware profile. XP is better - it deactivates the network automatically when the computer is offline. So any application won't test and wait for many timeouts. This shows that there may be a lot of hidden connections, you won't see directly.
Even simple links may want you to log on again to your own computer ! When you copied them whith your explorer from another machine. There is an extra tool called shortcut.exe which can make links "stupid".

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Not a problem.

by dbucyk In reply to Program opening slow over ...

When you said that you had not a problem on other computers accessing the file, then it's not theirs.

Check their network configuration of the card. If it is the same, check your protocols against theirs. You may be running excess protocols which slows down the process of accessing a file over the network.

Also, you can then try adding a switch to your area as well as theirs and see if that will increase your speed over the network. No hubs please.

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