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By Blackcurrant ·

I would like to know how I can find out what programs are used most often on our desktops.

I seem to remember that in Win98 there was a file named optlog.log/txt which listed applications and the number of times they were used. This optlog file was used by Windows Defragmenter to prioritise which programs should be placed at the 'front' of the disk so they could be accessed quickly.

Does anyone know if there is a similar file available in WinXP or W2K?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Program usage

WinTasks from LIUtilities may offer some of that capability.

It really sounds like you need some some of the forensics software that audit companies use and charge big bucks for printing out reports for their clients.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

Hi BFilmFan, thanks for answering. I visited the Wintasks page, but it looks as though this program will not do what I need. I really need to find out if there is a location that stores program usage that I can access. I do not need to start logging program usage, but to retrieve information about program usage.

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by SimY In reply to Program usage

Not sure how useful this is to you, but there is a folder in the windows folder called prefetch which contains a list of the programs and processes most recently used.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

Hi, SimY, thanks for answering. I searched for information about the prefetch folder and discovered that the most commonly used programs are listed there. What I read also claimed that the OS clears out lesser used program entries, so this folder can give a good idea of the most frequently used programs. Unfortunately, unlike the optlog file in Win98, I don't think there is any way to determine which program is the most frequently used. Thanks again.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Program usage

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