Program won't uninstall

By czly ·
I am running Windows Vista and trying to uninstall a program however when clicking on the program using the Windos uninstall feature the uninstall option does not appear. The program does have an uninstall feature but that does not work either I receive an error message that states "Aborting patch. Could not find the apps.conf file." I don't want to have to mess around with the registry. Will just deleting the program files do the job?? I tried using Revo Uninstaller but it never located the program. Thanks...!

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what is the program

by PurpleSkys In reply to Program won't uninstall

could try removing it in safe mode

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If possible Install or download it again..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Program won't uninstall

Install or download it again then run its own uninstaller to uninstall it.
Hope it all works out for you.

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try Revo uninstaller

by markp24 In reply to Program won't uninstall


i have found revo uninstaller (free) works well for this type of issue

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Reponse To Answer

by BrianW619 In reply to try Revo uninstaller

I also like Revo as well. The process of uninstalling a program runs through creating a restore point, deleting the directories and letting users know that there are still individual registry entries that are available to be deleted if the user so chooses.

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Well, not knowing what the program is,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Program won't uninstall

Make sure you are running as Administrator, maybe even boot into Safe Mode.
Then try deleting the program folders, you may have to mark the folders as not
"read only" (Adobe is BAD about this) then hunt down traces in the Windows
subdirectories, some programs throw bits in there. You can also fire up Regedit
and search for all references to the program and delete the registry entries by
hand, or you can use CCleaner to get rid of them...CAUTION...back up your
registry prior to making changes, inadvertently deleting some keys can render
your system unstable or unbootable!
If push comes to shove you can always use a bootable USB thumb drive with a
small Linux distro (I use Slax) to delete the program folders for those files and
folders that some software folks think the user would NEVER want to get rid of...
I'm talking to you, Adobe!
Good luck, Wiz

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2 additional methods

by databaseben In reply to Program won't uninstall

you might try executing a system restore point via safe mode and re-instate the state of the operating system before that faulty program was installed. then afterwards you can simply delete its orphaned folder from the disk.

if system restore isn't the method you want to use, you can try manually removing it yourself. it simply requires you remove the registry keys for it from the registry, deleting its parent folder off the hard drive, removing its file from the system directory and finally removing shortcuts from the desktop.

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Uninstall the program

by TCHAPAIEV In reply to Program won't uninstall

If the program does not appear in Revo , I think that the safiest method is to try REINSTALLING the program with its own installer ; if that works , uninstall using REVO ;the program should now appear after reinstallation in the main window of Revo ; retoring is a wrong idea because first it is not clear that it will work at all ; second if it works , it is all but clear that it will restore a config with the program installes ; by the way which program is that ?
If none of the indications works , there is an intermediary step ; open regedit HKLM Sofware and delete all the keys in the program you wish to uninstall ; it usually suffices to be able to PROPER INSTALLATION and then run REVO OLIVIER GEBUHRER

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If the program is from Microsoft

by a.portman In reply to Program won't uninstall

IE 8 is an "update" not a program. You need to use the windows part of add and remove programs to remove it. Or Revo which is free and way better than the Windows built in remover.

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by czly In reply to Program won't uninstall

Not sure of the proper way to let you know that the problem was solved by reinstalling and then uninstalling w/Revo. This didn't remove everything (every file) but I just deleted the rest. Thanks everyone for your help...! :)

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Reponse To Answer

by markp24 In reply to Solved....

awesome!! good to here. :-)

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