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    Programmable or Customizable Noise Maker?


    by mountedroofkorean ·


    First off, this might sound like a really dumb question but I’m technologically retarded and not very creative, I wasn’t exactly sure were to go. I can very easily do wiring, soldering, circuit set up, etc. but I’m no programmer for sure… The extent of my knowledge is dragging one file to another.

    What I want to know is if there is a noise maker available that I can transfer a custom MP3 file to so I can fall asleep to my favorite sounds or if you guys might know how to rig something up?

    At first I was using my laptop hooked up to speakers but it’s not quite ideal. I thought about getting something like an MP3 player or Ipod or something but I’m operating on a very very thin budget ($0 – $30.) I’ve looked around and by the time I find a nice MP3 and a decent set of speakers I’m looking at about $50+.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Much appreciated!

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