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By nr71064 ·
Does anyone know some good tutorials on line
for begining programmers? I would like to learn
to write scripts and I don't really have a programming background. Thanks for your help.

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by Jaqui In reply to Programming

what scripting language?

use google and search for the language.








lots, links from


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by Jaqui In reply to

you have to pick one.
best is to look and see what local companies are looking for then learn it.

each language has unique requirements.
though all have a basic commonality, which is learned as you learn more languages.

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by nr71064 In reply to Programming

There is really no specific language. I know of kixtart, perl, python. I've done a reaserch on google but I haven't found anything so far that has really helped me.....

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by compbio In reply to Programming

For Perl some online tutorial pages can be found at:


They start from the very basics and work there way to more advanced topics.

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by thirumalai_c_b In reply to Programming

want to learn scripting - more languages are available. it is important for which platform you need to program to. for client side javascript would be the best. we have vbscript, php, and other things. search the net. you will endup in finding a lot.

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by bschaettle In reply to Programming

If you have absolutely no money whatsoever, you can start with JavaScript. Just open up Notepad and start writing webpages on your hard drive. You can display them in a browser using the "file" URL protocol:


I've found the O'Reilley book on JavaScript to be quite good.

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