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    programming certifications


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    please give me details about a best programming certification to a new entrant to IT field

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      Without knowing your current knowledge, certifications, experience, goals that would be impossible to predict. At this point, we don’t even know where in the world you are. This is better answered by a local career counselor at a tech school.

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      The IT field is huge. Also many areas are getting blown up.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Rather than have you guess, AI/ML is decimating some areas and creating new areas in IT.

      You wrote about programming so I’ll reveal that in my circle we are embracing AI/ML to create software. So far we can’t create the entire app but about half the methods are coming from an AI/ML tool.

      That said, did your course work include how to leverage such things as GPT and Google?

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      Freecode Camp

      by lucasgarciabertaina ·

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      Maybe Free Code Camp could be a good start because it’s totally free and has the initial structure (by my opinion) to start in this wonderful world. This is well explained and oriented for people who want to get started.

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      by instailyacademy ·

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      Certainly, we’d be delighted to provide guidance on selecting a suitable programming certification for someone new to the IT field.

      When considering the best programming certification for a newcomer to the IT industry, it’s essential to focus on certifications that provide a strong foundation in programming concepts and languages. Here are a few certifications that are widely recognized and valued within the IT community:

      1. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+: This certification is an excellent starting point for individuals who are entirely new to IT. It covers a broad range of IT topics, including programming basics, hardware, software, networking, and security. While not solely focused on programming, it provides a solid understanding of IT fundamentals.

      2. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Microsoft offers various MTA certifications that cover different IT domains, including software development. The “Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript” and “Introduction to Programming Using Python” MTA certifications can provide newcomers with an entry-level understanding of programming concepts.

      3. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) – Java Programmer: If the individual is interested in Java programming, this certification is a great choice. It covers fundamental Java programming skills and is widely recognized in the industry.

      4. Cisco Certified DevNet Associate: This certification is for those interested in software development within a networking context. It covers programming and automation skills using Cisco technologies, making it an excellent choice for those looking to combine programming with networking.

      5. Python Institute Certifications: The Python Institute offers a range of certifications that focus specifically on the Python programming language. These certifications cater to beginners and gradually progress to more advanced levels of Python proficiency.

      When choosing a certification, consider factors such as the programming language you’re most interested in, the job roles you’re targeting, and the potential for growth within your desired career path. Additionally, look for certifications that provide practical hands-on experience and resources, as practical skills are essential in the IT industry.

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