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    programming languages


    by silvamsn ·

    I am learning and using Visual Basic 6 to code small applications. As U all are think what is the better programming language that exists today?

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      by 3xp3rt ·

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      It?s a very difficult question. So the answer can?t be exactly. The answer depends on what kind of application you make and what?s your working style. In generally the opinion of major part is C#. But there are a lot of people who say Java, or Delphi, or Visual Basic. Myself, I?m using Delphi Studio 2006 and Visual Studio 6.

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      by tony hopkinson ·

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      Horses for courses that one. A lot depends on background and education.
      Delphi being pascal based is my preference and I’m picking up C# now.

      VB6, I’ve done and in my opinion it’s about the worst of recent offerings. Given you’ve found programming itself rewarding, start learning that, languages you’ll pick up as you go along.

      I know VB6 is an ‘easy’ start, but without a formal background in the discipline you’ll pick up some very bad and hard to break habits.

      The market says C# or Java, for windows environments.

      If you haven’t a formal background and given Delphi is dying, I’d recommend picking up the basics in C, OO and event model with C#.

      If you get them under your belt switching to other languages won’t cause you anything more than translation problems.

      The key is programming concepts though not language, that’s a way of expressing the concepts, not the discipline itself.

      For i = 1 To 10

      For i:=1 To 10

      For(i=1;i<=10,i++) Do Loop 1 To 4 blah blah blah SSDS (same **** different syntax). Some languages are better than other for certain tasks, a programmer can use any of them after a lead in period.

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      by sirmalcom ·

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      I would have to echo the previous answers, in that, it really comes down to person preference. I started off with VB 5 when it was still around and then with 6. I’m a college student, and thus far, I’ve been forced to used a lot of Java and some C++. It’s my impression that C# is a mixture of the two. I have also used Python for some scripting. So my bottom line is that is really dependent upon what you plan to do. Java is great when it comes to multi-platform programming and Python is really useful for scripting or Linux. Being that you starting off with VB, it would probably be easier to transition to something like C#, partially because it’s a Microsoft product, but also I think that Java may be a bit far for you to transition to. This, however, is dependent upon how much effort you want to put into learning a new language. VB is a great place to start especially with small programs, but I think you would be better off slowly transitioning to something like C# or maybe Java.

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      FIrst Step Talk to yourself

      by aloksaxena01 ·

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