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please send how to prepare for my knowledge of

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to programming methods

wow this is vague! what do you want?
info on one of 15000 programming languages
info on programming scripts
info on programming bioses and firmwares
info on programming intelegent controllers

can you be more specific pls


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by john_wills In reply to programming methods

Paul Halmos: Naive Set Theory

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by jpdecesare In reply to programming methods

1) Choose the type of programming you want to do (corporate client-database, gaming, web, etc).

2) Determine which language is best suited for your desire/place of employemnt. For instance, f you need to store data used by others in the company, you might want to pursue Visual Basic 6.0 or .NET. For data access, you'd want to brush up on ADO as well.

3) Go to Amazon.com and search for books on the subject. You can get many good ones used for a lot cheaper. Read the reviews for the books; it'll help greatly with which are good to purchase.

4) Buy a legal copy of the software, and have at it! You'd be surprised how far you can get by being diligent with a few good books. Don't forget that you can often download evaluation copies of development software and databases to test out.

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