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Programming. Where to start?

By -TwiTch- ·
Well, I want to get into Programming for games and creating my own applications (for the web mostly). Where should I start? there are so many languages out there I don't know what order to learn them.

could someone help me?

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by Jaqui In reply to Programming. Where to sta ...

game engine programming is usually done it c, c++

game play scripting is often done in javascript.

game models, created with 3d graphics applications, have low poly count.

textures for models contain most of the deatils.

take a look at blender3d it's a modeller/gameengine/gamecreator all in one application.
it generates the action scripts for characters movement in python though. ( and is not the most commonly used engine or tool )

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by -TwiTch- In reply to

Blender is more than Amazing and I have already started to refer it out to all my friends. Thank you

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Programming. Where to sta ...

Nowadays, the most prevalent languages are C, C++, Visual Basic (or VB.NET) and Java. You can probably add C# to that. If you've never done any programming, take a programming class at a community college. I suggest a general C++ class. Learning C++ will give you the basic fundamentals. After you know an all-purpose language it becomes much easier to learn other more specialized ones. You say you want to develop games AND web applications. Those are two different areas. I think C++ or maybe Java are the base languages for games. Not sure; I have never done game development. Web apps are most likely to use the Microsoft .NET tools which encompass C++, C#, VBasic, and some version of Java. Don't bite off more than you can chew to start. Learn the fundamentals and go from there.

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by -TwiTch- In reply to

Thank you, I will be starting my VB.Net Class this fall :) hurray for higher education.

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by ba_ss In reply to Programming. Where to sta ...

Although you did'nt make it clear as to whether you're aiming to do this programming for home hobbies, or commercially ; I'm assuming that it will be a hobby first. So in that direction I say that you check out darkbasic. This is a very simplified version of basic oriented to games programming. Also this software is aimed toward beginner/hobbyist programmers. The url is this ;
http://www.darkbasic.com In this environment much of the code is written for you, well commented, and will execute temporarily to allow you to see what each code module is, and is doing. However this is not the best choice if your aim is for commercial software creation. Being this the case then as stated in the earlier posts java, java, java is the way to go. For games programming the java language is easily cross platformed with minute linker libraries , and code changes. So then a game written in java, and scripted in JScript makes for faster debugging, and aides the programmer as well. Now for applications programming as a hobby then use VB6/5, and commercially the only choice is C++ or C anything have fun , and best wishes.

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by -TwiTch- In reply to

well, I guess I'm just going to have to learn them all, one at a time :) sweet.

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by -TwiTch- In reply to Programming. Where to sta ...

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