Programming Win Mobile 5 applications with VB Studio 2003

By bastet ·
Is it possible to program apps for Smartphones/PDAs running Windows Mobile 5 OS using Visual Studio 2003 or do I need the Visual Studio 2005 version?

thanking you in advance.

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Yes, but what framework?

by Qantm In reply to Programming Win Mobile 5 ...

Yes, you will be able to develop Mobile 5 apps with VS 2003, however - Is the device going to be running .Net CF 1.1 or 2.0? If it's running 2.0 then you will be required to use Visual Studio 2005

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Thank you so much for your reply.

by bastet In reply to Yes, but what framework?

How do I tell what version my device is running. It is an i-Mate JasJam running windows mobile 5.0.

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Determine the working framework

by Qantm In reply to Thank you so much for you ...

Well.. you can look in the system information on the device.... or you can install the 2.0 .net framework if you already have VS 2005 and just start developing, or you can create an application in VS 2003 (a hello world) and see if it runs on your device... if it does, then your running 1.1 most likely. Or you could re-install 1.1 on the device just to be sure.

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by thomasthomasthomas100 In reply to Yes, but what framework?

How do you program? Do you just program normally and use a program? Or is there a speical way of programing?

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