Programs keep crashing/lagging for 60+ seconds

By xeqpter ·

I have a problem with my pc that whenever I try to do something that requires my pc to work at least a bit, it just decides to freeze for 60+ seconds instead...
I tried playing games on it. and it was completely impossible, I got into the game and even in the menu I got 60 second lag when I just clicked something....

Weirdest thing is that the problem went away on its own yesterday, but returned today after I started up my pc again... anyone got any idea what might be causing this ?

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Well you have not given us much to go on here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Programs keep crashing/la ...

But assuming that you are running some form of Windows start with the Basic things that all Window System require.

Defrag the drive to bring the drive back to some small form of order.

Open the Task Manager and see what the CPU is actually doing. If when you start something the CPU is running at 100% then you need to track down what is happening and causing the CPU to be in full use. You can find this in the Processes Tab in the Task Manager.

Run all programs from the local HDD not from any form of external device to the computer.

Look at the amount of free space on the HDD and if necessary delete any temp files to free up HDD Space.

That's a starting point post back if you need more and tell us what OS you have and the specs of the system.

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