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By kn_abhilash ·

i have created a Dos batch file ,

Xcopy c:\test d:test2 /s

copy a particular folder,sub folders and files another folder

i want to create a progress indicator, of the copy status

either something like a progress bar or let it display percentage coping

how to do this
pls help me

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by doyle.jack In reply to Progress indicator

I don't think you will have any luck doing this if you are using wildcards to copy... i.e. xcopy *.* since that is one command and the next time in your batch file, our imaginary progress bar, would be the next command and wouldn't appear until after you did the copying.

If you have a set number of files, you could copy one then display a message, then copy the next, then display a message, etc.


xcopy file1
echo Copied 1 of 3
xcopy file2
echo Copied 2 of 3
xcopy file3
echo Finished

That's all I can think of. Hope it helps... or, if you are using wildcards, just use the option to display files as they are being copied. Not very pretty, but at least the user knows it is working on it.

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