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By smmiles3 ·
I'm looking for folks who are involved in MS Project Automation. For starters, what have you found to be the most valued / used automations (Prj 2k - non Prj Server)?.

What have you found to be the biggest "gotchas" wrt using Project?

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I HATE Project Server!

by Joseph Moore In reply to Project Automation

Ok, I have had to install Project Server 2002 3 times in the past 6 months. The install is more precise then any I have ever seen before.
Make sure you have a full instruction guide that includes the SharePoint Team Services install BEFORE you do anything!
For the last install, I had a consultant come out and look at are "mostly" working 2nd install of Project Server. There were a couple of things not working right (e-mailing of Issues, document subweb creation), and the consultant said that if Project and SharePoint and having a problem working together, then it was just best to wipe the server and REINSTALL.
It was not worth it to try and fix the problems!

I really hate this product. Really I do.
The consultant gave me their 3-page instruction set. It is on paper. I can type it out and send you a copy if you need it, and I suggest you get it! Really. For the 2nd install, I followed a Microsoft document (Chapter 41 from a Project Server document that I can't remember the name of). The consultant had seen that chapter, and had ran into other customers who had used it for their install steps.
The consultant told me that Chapter 41 was based off a beta copy of Project Server, and that it was not correct!

Again, I really hate Project server.

Oh, BTW, if you are gonna have Project users who are NOT part of your Windows Domain, then they are gonna have authentication problems with Project Server and SharePoint specifically. Project Server and SharePoint Team Services really only work when all users are in the same Windows Domain the server is in!

Lastly, I HATE Project Server!

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