Project error “an import error occurred”.

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Over the last couple of days, I get this error with any new project file I create. The whole message is An import error occurred. Check row 0 column 277. This is not a valid duration or is outside the range for this field. Type a duration in the correct format: for example, 4 hours (or 4h), 12 days (or 12d), or 2ed for elapsed days. I can send a sample file if necessary. Thanks.

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RE: Project error “an import error occurred”.

by PechthelmCarrin In reply to Project error “an import ...

It sounds like there is more to the story. How exactly are you creating your project files? Are you using an import map from some other application? For lack of more detail information I'd say there is an error in the import map. Something is being put (or attempting to be put) into a duration field. Without more information, we'd just be guessing.
Try to install this app Recovery Toolbox for Project
Here’s one thread like yours. It could be useful for your, read“an-import-error-occurred”

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