Project help!!! Can I do these?

By partnersph_2 ·
I am new in TechRepublic and also an amateur when it comes to the wonderful world of Computers and anything related to that.

I was just wondering if:

1. I can post links as references for my projects even if the links are not mine?

2. I can post links that are not inside TechRepublic?

I would really appreciate the help... and please... I need topics for my mini-thesis... I need one that is not too complicated for my instructor but is related to my course...

My instructor is an english instructor...

Thank you!

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Project help!!! Can I do ...

Why would we want links to references to your project?

If you are an amateur as you claim, writing a thesis on something you don't know about is not the smartest way to go...

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Isn't that the point of making a study?

by partnersph_2 In reply to WTF?

yeah! I don't know that! Which is why I study it! Makes perfect sense!

Yes, I am an Amateur but that doesn't mean I know nothing. It merely means that I may not now as much as you guys. Be assured, however, that I am educated enough to continue my second year of college studies in the field of computer science without any red mark.

As is readable in my profile, I am a student and the thesis is not of my choice. I could do a MINI-thesis of which I already have the answer; but that isn't the "smartest way to go" according to my standards...

Thank you for even spending the time trying to make it seem like you have something to say. Now, I still do have a couple of questions concerning the rules of posting links that doesn't belong to me. If you would be good enough to give me an answer, that would be very much appreciated.

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It all depends

by jdclyde In reply to Project help!!! Can I do ...

Typically, no.

If they are links to commercial products, definitely no.

If it is your homework, no.

Leave out the links and just discuss technology while NOT pushing a product, and you will be fine.

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