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    Project Management


    by suren_vbide ·

    How Manage a Project and Analyse this?

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      by sridharpandu ·

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      Which Project? What stage are you in Requirements, Analysis?

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      by cvadodaria ·

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      Project management will have to do with all aspects of the work to be done to get to where you want to reach.

      You must know to break down your project into smaller chunk of tasks first. THis is very general to any large task to get handle on. Then you can estimate those smaller tasks. Check dependancies of them on each other. Some tasks can be done in parallel to others while others have precondition that some other work is finished fist then only this one can be done.

      At each stage you can define the output expected. Some milestones can be set so others stake holders of the project can see that yes project is moving ahead and in right direction.

      COntrol the scope of the project so new things do not get added as project moves on unless it is a must to be added. But in that case you can reevaluate the time for the new task added due to additional requirement and plan and place in the right place.

      If you know to find the critical path then see if this affects the over all time line. Bcos may be added work can be done parallelly and thus does not affect the final time line – deadline.

      You must constantly watch for Risks – find strategy to avoid or mitigate or contigency plan just in case risk becomes real.

      There are many aspects of it.
      You need to go for first a simple book and go over internet to find basic information on it.

      There is PMI project management institute with chapters world wide which does training on proj mgmt.

      You have asked a which covers lots of area and thus answer is very big and thus mostly books would be better to start with.

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      by sharon ·

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      with pmbok

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