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By abdelhakim.el-fazziki ·
I have a Question. Do I accept a project Manger position of a given project, do I accept this position if the director has mentioned that's he's project and his baby ?


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That depends on whether you are confident of doing a good job.

by DC_GUY In reply to Project Management

If you do, you will have impressed the director and that will look good on your record. If you don't. . . .

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Project Management

by abdelhakim.el-fazziki In reply to Project Management

I feel confident from this side, but will it be uncomfortable to work with this kind of director and I'll deal with this behaviour?

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by voldar In reply to Project Management

as DC_GUY already posted, is it YOU to decide for, not US. When someone said "this is my child", that means that he is very interested in how things goes with it (from start to end), I don't see anything scarry here.
Unless you are not confortable with meetings about "how things work", "what's happening with" etc. If you ask me what I'd do in your place, well, first of all - I would never ask such a question as you did in here. It is a decision I have to take by myself, and because I like challenges, I'd take it.

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Talk to him openly and honestly

by wbsuth In reply to Well

I would suggest a conversation with the Director telling him how you would manage the project, what you see as the pat for the project and just ask him what his involvement in the project will be. This is not a confrontational process, but rather an informational discussion. It could give him the confidence that your leadership of the project is well founded. It would also give you a clue as to what to expect from this guy in the future (like is he going to micro manage you).

My 2.5 cents worth.


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It Depends on You

by chris In reply to Project Management

Working with managers and teams, there is always an underlying principle that will affect every team. That underlying principle is you. If you want to take the position, then you will deal with the project and your boss. If not, then ask the question if it will hurt your relationship between the both of you.

Just remember, when in doubt, don't.


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let him deliver the child!

by sshivarova In reply to Project Management

I think your question is right and its palce is right here! that's why we are all here - to share our experince and to help each other!
If this project is your director's favorite - leave him to deliver his "baby". Otherwise he will stare at you trying to make you paly in the way he imagines "the baby". If you accpet you will have to follow his rules but not the rules of the project management. and you can never realy on a fair-minded assessmnet. It is not worth while to waste your time and efforts. Runa awaya from any favorites,children and etc.

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