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By alison.m.mcenery ·
What steps would be involved if a team was to go about setting up a euro to dollar converter system...

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by slapdash In reply to Project Management

Id gather as much info as possible.

What type of team do you have?
Have anyone in the team worked on something similar before?
If so to what extent?
If not then do some research on previous failed and completed projects that you can find about the matter.
Is it going to be online or offline?
is it going to be Realtime?
What is the time-to-live look like ( how long do you have )

Then we can start implementing steps.

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The Big Issue is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Project Management

Where do you get the exchange rate from and when.
If it's just informational
x euros is about y dollars, then you can look it up at a tolerable frequency or every time and just display it.
If it's for an order or an invoice. Then you've got to get some info from accounts.
Usually the business will set an exchange rate based on what they can buy or sell a currency at. That's not the current market rate. Also you need to store the rate(s) used, so you can can convert items and report in a desired currency at the rate was used not the one at the time of the report.
So if that's the route you are going down, get that cast in stone first. Personally I've always favoured systms which isolate the setting of the rate, from the use of the rate, that way you can use any business practice you like, without blowing your big toe off.

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My first step

by jdmercha In reply to Project Management

Find out if one already exists.

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shaking head

by Jaqui In reply to Project Management

1) exchange direction ( originating currency, destination currency )

2) manual or automatic input of exchange rate

3) amount to be exchanged

4) perform procedure

5) display output

first year, high school programming exercise.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to shaking head

I figured the poster had got that bit worked out.
If they haven't, they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the issue.
It's 2 and historical currency reporting issues that get most people.
The other one I've ran into on this sort of thing is floating point issues. Where a report of the sales system on one platorm doesn't match the one off the ledger on another, because they are both calculating the exchange value separately.

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but that situation

by Jaqui In reply to Cruel

can be avoided by client server model,
where the server does the exchange calculation for all departments.

so same module is used for every transaction, with the same rate.

then system admin, or, since currency rates, head of accounting, sets the rate at whatever frequency the company chooses, be it daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.
that is the only way to keep a standardised exchange calculation in an enterprise app.

using something like simply accounting, or quicken is useless in a large scale operation. they aren't designed for it.

the original acc pac was designed for it and hat the module needed for it.

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I know that, you know that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to but that situation

but the last time I did currency conversion they didn't.
They'd assumed just getting the current exchange rate off the net when you needed it was going to do the job. Also they'd made absolutley no provision for storing the rate used at the time of the calculation.
Fortunately my background in ledger software enabled me to point out how stupid the specification was.
This was triple currency as well, home, euro and dollars as the company was american owned but operating in several european countries. They'd given it to one of my junior developers as well, as an easy fix !. Came very close to throwing a BA out of a 2nd storey window that day.

Wasn't talking Quicken, CODA at the time.

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