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    Project Management Career


    by adadl ·

    I have a B.A in MIS, Marketing, and Business Admin-long story. I currently work as a helpdesk analyst with 4 years experience with A+ certification and am working on MCSE.
    1. I would like to move to Project Management and wanted to know if thereare entry level jobs for this type of position? 2. Do I continue with my current path which is get my MCSE(even though I won’t be working on the network doing Network admin. work) and look elsewhere for entry level Project jobs(if they exist) and network jobs that can hopefully lead to Project Management. What are my options?
    My current employer doesn’t have this type of opportunity.

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      Project Management Career

      by majdir ·

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      The answer to your first question is yes. You can start in a company as an Assistant Project Manager and work your way up the ladder. The second answer is yes also. Getting more certifications will always help you get a better paying job. At least you can start as a Network Administrator, then if you are lucky switch into another department where you can become a Project Manager. Good luck.

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