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Project Management - Dissertation/Thesis/Research

By teresa.nana ·
Research/Dissertation/Thesis in Project Management
Hi All,
I'm currently doing a masters in project planning and was researching ideas for my dissertation/thesis which has to be in anything related to project management.
Alot of the newer research areas in project management are emotional intelligence and pm, virtual pm, risk management, etc. But would you guys have any ideas?


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by Michael Jay In reply to Project Management - Diss ...

tends to be a fair research tool, I do not think that many here will offer much assistance with your homework.

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Project Management - Dissertation/Thesis/Research

by ggseven In reply to Project Management - Diss ...

I think that your choices thus far are pretty good. Sorry I really don't have any other suggestions. Perhaps since your background is in database work maybe you can target project mgmt that relates some way to databases (just a thought??)--(My background is in databases and I've personally been interested in getting better knowledge of project mgmt relating to database work)

Best of luck with your research (I can relate a bit....I just submitted mine so I've experienced the whole process...)

P.S.--Hope the recent short term loss of the internet (Middle East and Asia) didn't affect you too much there in Dubai

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by teresa.nana In reply to Project Management - Diss ...

Thanks GGseven. Youre right, alot of the newer research areas are similar to what Ive mentioned above. Alot of work done in the past is about why projects fail and what it takes to be a good pm manager for example..but articles like those are commonplace!

No, it didnt affect us much here was a bit slow but was still connecting fine!

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by depeju In reply to Project Management - Diss ...

I'm doing a research work on project risk management and i need libraries to source for information on past research work in this area. Can someone please give me a guide

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