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By pfletcher ·

Sorry if this should be a question and not a discussion.. newbie :)

I work for an IT company that works probably like every other out there.

Basically we need a way to convey notes between tech's and have them associated with a client.

So I'm pretty sure I'm looking for Project Management Software.. Just not sure who to go with.

What are you all using???

Thanks for the help

Phil Fletcher

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Microsoft Sharepoint

by robo_dev In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

It sounds like what you're asking for is 'collaboration' not project mgt.

Project Management software (eg. MS Project), is more about doing the resource planning and tracking.

Sharepoint can do portals, which is what you would create for your clients.

There may also be some 'industry specific' apps written using sharepoint that more closely match what your business does.

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What do you need to accomplish?

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

You mention conveying notes between techs. However, that is somewhat vague.

Do you need to convey client notes re: an engagement/project of some sort, or are you tracking issues/resolutions for clients? Are you looking to share how-to information and/or documentation amongst the techs?

Depending on what you're looking to accomplish, you may be looking at something like an incident management/ticketing system (Heat, BMC Service Desk Express, etc), or a collaborative workspace (SharePoint, ThinkFree, etc), or a knowledge base application (FrontRange K+, Talisma, RightNow) or a Project Management system (GoPlan, BaseCamp, etc).

Here's a link that may help you narrow down the product silo you need to investigate:

If you can gather your functional and user requirements for the system, you'll be in a much better position to pick the right one...and may end up answering your own question in the process.

Hope this helps!

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this might or might not help

by kodum In reply to What do you need to accom ...

In addition to capterra I like to go to to compare different apps.

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More Specific :)

by pfletcher In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

Sorry, reading back I could have been more specific. I'll give an example:

Client A calls in becuase they are are not receiving their email. John (Tech) is dispatched and discovers that their mail server is not on and that the power supply is bad. John fills out a service ticket and leaves. We get the new power supply in and Bob (Tech) is going out to install it in the companies mail server. He installs it and all is well. He fills out a service ticket and leaves.

What I'm looking for is a program that John could have typed his notes into and that the other employee's could have seen so that when the power supply came in, anyone could have found that it was to go to client A and they could see John's notes. Then after bob installed the new power supply he could add his notes and then close the call.

So I think I'm looking for a ticket system.

Any ideas?

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Helpdesk Application Recommendations

by emoss In reply to More Specific :)

There are many Helpdesk applications out these that will permit you to do this. I use Numara Software's TrackIT, which is an excellent solution. Somewill let you use MS Access, Outlook, or Sharepoint Server as the basic platform for a helpdesk ticketing system... If budget is an issue, Google Apps or Google Sites would probably be a good way to go if you wished to create your own limited system on a free platform...

Good Luck!


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MS project management

by emily01 In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

I can say undoubtedly Microsoft Enterprise project management software which help in all your issues and managing the project and tasks accordingly

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Latitude project management software

by RichardVavra In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

I have used MS Project but switched to Latitude project management software. Much easier to manage and its got the functions that I needed: from timesheets, quotes, invoices, reports, sales, marketing, archiving, to accounting software integration. Look at their website, might be this is what you need for your business. Hope this post helps.

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