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    Project Management Software or Help with Sharepoint


    by hrich ·

    I am a marketing manager at an international company. I apologize up front if I slaughter the terminology :-). Currently, we manage dozens of projects with dozens of steps each. We are struggling to manage our timelines & project updates.

    Last year, our Sharepoint programmer was developing a site to help with our project management issues. MicroSoft Project is too cumbersome & too expensive to use. Excel doesn’t provide a way to do good reporting of the statuses of multiple projects or letting people know what task they were assigned to.

    So, we wanted to use Sharepoint because of the routing/e-mail updates, duplication/update, multiple users with security & reporting capabilities. As we put together the project timeline portion, the programmer told us that InfoPath would only handle 10 calculations. For the start/end date calculations, we need over 100. So we abandoned the site.

    I’m wondering two things. First, is there something she missed in the setup that would let us actually use InfoPath? Second, if not, does anyone have suggestions on a software package we could purchase to help us?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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