Project Management Software? - Project scheduling by resource availability?

By ScottyCat ·
I have 103 projects that I inherited in my new role. I have to schedule each of the projects using shared resources across the projects.
There are 5 teams - each specialising in an area of IT. Not all projects will use all teams. Some projects are single team only.
Each project has gone through a PRINCE2 methodology independently of each other - so I know the expected cost, duration of each task and effort it will take.

Does anyone know of any software that will schedule projects based on the duration of the tasks within a project (I put this in) and the team resource allocated to the task?
All Project Management software I know off will ask you to put in a start or finish date or both.
I can put 103 project starting on the same day and I would be told by the current s/w that I will have a huge resource problem!
I want to be able to go from the other direction with a finite amount of resources and the software tell me how to best schedule the projects.

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Request for Clarification

by g.ananthamurthy In reply to Clarifications

Hi, This is Ananth! from india do you looking for solution/requirement ? Pls let us & i think i have few solution on this pls contact email id/Mobile No. or you can reach me through # 09980933728

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Project Management Software - Resources Availability

by luigi104 In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

I have used MS Project to schedule several Projects using shared resources out of a centralized Resource pool. I have found that the key is to assing priorities to the projects and then MS Project will assign the resources to your different projects based on the Priority of each project and the availability of the resources.
the approach would work on both MS Project and MS Project Server, check this link so you can see if this approach would work for you:


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Reponse To Answer

by ScottyCat In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

Hi luigi104,
Thanks for the response. It goes part of the way. Unfortunately I only have Project 2003 so I cannot test this out.
I get the feeling that I have to select a start/finish date for all projects and tasks then when I use a shared resource pool it will tell me over allocations. I will see if I can get MS-Proj 2010 to play with.
Thanks for responding.

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microsoft project 2007

by dips31 In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

the question that i need to be addressed is how to go about managing the material planning and management in MSP 2007.

FOR EX:- if in a building project of lets say g+14 the requirement of steel per floor is known but is their a way to input the steel requirement in such a way that i can get the requirement of steel for that period of time and even forcast the future dates for indenting newer stocks.
this will enable the user to properly plan the purchase and indent schedule of every material in perticular.

if some one has the know how on this matter please feel free to post or you can mail me at

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Project Management Software

by TedAldrin In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

Hey Scott,

I thing i have a perfect solution for you. There is this software i am using from quite a while now and i think it is a good one. It is eResource Scheduler. The software is a great help when i have many project and even more resources to book on those projects. You can detail every resources according to their skills and attributes. The reports also give you a bird's eye view of the financial, forecasting and utilization aspects of scheduling. If you were to go by my advice go for it yourself and see if it is any use for you. You can log onto there website for more details.

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Yes I know a tool

by Isabelle2010 In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

What about a tool that would let you plan and schedule as many projects as needed while being able to share resource capacity across them?

Scheduling would be automatic, you just put durations on your tasks and you can even link projects together if needed.

A multi-solution would be available to let you create different scenarios and choose the one that best meets your goals.

You can take a look at and to discover more.


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Project Scheduling Software

by RichardVavra In reply to Project Management Softwa ...

Better check Latitude project management software. We've been using the software and it has intuitive interfaces for

tasks, timesheets, project scheduling, planning, teams, workflow, billing and quotes
. It works fast and handles your data properly.

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