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Project Manager skills

By xero02 ·
How far the importance of technical, conceptual and human skill to IT project manager. How these three skills help in project success?

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Depends on the project

by knudsenmj In reply to Project Manager skills

I think it really depends on the size of the project. Small projects can be accomplished with alot of technical skill and very little human skills. Large projects require less technical and more human. As the size of your project team grows, a good project manager is going to less hands on engagement. He/She will need to be able to wrangle team members and navigate stakeholder and cross team dependancies. I find much of my time is focused on making sure everyone is ontrack and on time and running around to remove roadblocks that arise (scope change mostly).

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A good balance of both

by grahamj In reply to Project Manager skills

Historically, a PM was judged on 3 things: budget, quality and schedule. That has changed. A successful PM is required to manage the customer perception as well. That means bringing a project in on time, in budget, with the agreed upon level of quality/features does not constitute a satisfied customer. For this, a PM requires a good balance of both leadership/people skills, and technical ability.

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Human, human, human

by kmwi In reply to Project Manager skills

By far the most important skill is the human-relationship one. Technical requirements change and so too may the vision of a project. The only factor that doesn't change is that people are involved. A successful project manager will put the most emphasis on managing well their human relationships (horizontally and vertically).

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Think about this:

by kritzc In reply to Project Manager skills

If you do not process technical knowledge (at least theoretically) how do you know your project member, vendors, etc. is doing the right job? Alternatively, having the competencies will enable proactive actions. (Reducing risk, cost and delay).

Having human skills will give you an upper hand in handling your stake holders, project members, vendors.. etc.

If you exercise critical thinking and resourceful in managing knowledge, you could conceptually understand what is require for the job to be delivered. :)

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