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Project planning excercise

By mattski ·
I'm going for a job interview in a couple of weeks, part of which will be a "project planning exercise for the web". I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers as to what I can expect, what the best preparation for such an exercise is and any other helpful pointer or hints.

Many thanks!

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You might find something in here...

by Salamander In reply to Project planning excercis ...

...This site has a collection of project management resources. I haven't looked specifically to see if there's anything that addresses your area, but there might be something about web design in there. Good luck!

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by JamesRL In reply to Project planning excercis ...

....The standard phases of the project lifecycle.

Get a copy of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) from and read it a few times.

Practise on paper planning a few unconventional projects - planning a party for example. Break them down into phases, deliverables etc.

Practise doing this quickly and concisely - point form.


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Knowing the lingo

by awfernald In reply to Memorise...

Unfortunate but true, half the battle in being a "project manager" is knowing the lingo. Knowing several different project "methodologies" and throwing in the appropriate acronyms at the right time will almost guarantee you the job.

I would agree with James on doing a few unconventional projects to start, as this will make it much easier to capture the concepts behind the phrasing. In addition to this, go out to some websites, and breakdown that website and reverse engineer it into a full project plan.

What was needed to build it, what people, skills, technologies, etc...

Hope this helps,

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Useful links

Hi mattski,

First of all, good luck with your interview.

I would recommend you to take a look at the gantthead web site.

It is my favorite one, and has a lot of free content.

If you have more time here is a list with various links:

Good luck with your interview,

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by mattski In reply to Project planning excercis ...

Thanks for your help guys - I'll be looking at all those resources.

Matt :)

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