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By greg85374 ·
Im very new to network designand implementation. Basically I was given the following:
The main Campus of TTI is of a bank of NT servers w/the exception of 1 running newtware platform-which is used to gather medical data of employees which it owuld like to keep(just ntwre srvr) They currently have 2 campuses and want to add 3 more ..all in Texas. Since the ntwrk will have to be functional for at least 5 yrs all design considerations should inclide a min. of 100x growth and 10x at the main bldg in Houston and 2x growth in LAn throughput. the min requirement for initial design is 1 mbps to any host and 100 mbps to any server host in netwrk. Only 2 OSI layer 3&4 protocols will be allowed for implementaion...which are tcp/ip and novell ipx.

The Wan will be based on a 2 layer heirarchial model. A regional hub will be established at main campus bldg for fast Wan core Hub.
every campus must seperate its LAN traffic into 2 segemnts(admin side and educational side) the transport speeds will be 10Base-t,100BAse-tx,& 100Base-FX. Horizontal cabling should be Cat5 utp and can accomodate 100 mbps. Vertical backbone shall be Cat5 UTP or fibre optic multi mode. which shall comply with tia/eia 568a and 569 standards.

1 ALn will be for students. and the other for admin usage. The LAN will be based on ethernet LAN switching.In ea. location an MDF will be established as cntrl point for all LAN cabling and POP for WAN. ALl routers and LAn switches will be housed in this room.
on the educational ntwrk 4 labs w/31 wrkstations & 4 CAT5 UTP runs for data w/1 run terminated @ teachers Wrkstation. The Admin Ntwrk2 will be allocated for usage based on dept. functions. there wll be 5 srvrs at HW categorized as Enterprise or WrkGroup type srvcs. 1. DNS 1. Admin Srvr 1. Virtual Library Srver 1)app srvr ANd 1 FTP Srvr. other Srvr will be considered dprtmntl wrkgrp servers.

Can anyone tell me what would be needed in terms of:

(equipment, Srvcs and how theyll be connected

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