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Project/ SharePoint Portal Server 2003

By craig_hopkins ·
Seeking to hear about lesson learned, both positive and negative, about your implementation of Project Server and SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

If you were starting again what would you do differently and why?

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Project/ SharePoint Porta ...

>If you were starting again what would you do differently

I would RUN AWAY! I HATE Project Server 2000 with SharePoint Team Services! I can't stand it! I think this was an interesting idea of Microsoft, but it is implemented incorrectly. MS made this one too complex.

First off, you will NOT be able to install Project and SharePoint correctly by yourself. You will need outside assistance. I was not able to get this to install correctly by myself, and I have some skills and knowledge on this stuff! I found install instructions from MS on this, and they were wrong! My consultant had his own secret document that we used that did work!

Next, only users in your Windows Domain can access Project, since it uses Windows Authentication to connect. Yes, there are local Project Server user accounts, but you are not supposed to use them. So, when you have multiple WIndows domains (with NO trust between them) then those users can't access Project. Really annoying!
It is big, clunky, doesn't make a lot of sense, and near impossible to troubleshoot if there is a config problem.
It's just NOT worth it!

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by craig_hopkins In reply to

Are you reffering to the 2003 version

Was the project stopped or is it now in use? Have other issues developed which have changed your review?

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by grant In reply to Project/ SharePoint Porta ...

I agree, it was generally a nightmare to work with! In the end we bit the bullet, cut our losses, scrapped it and went with a web-based project management ASP that made all the difference.

Sorry I cant be of more help...

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by demongp In reply to Project/ SharePoint Porta ...


Hmm, well, this is one RIGHT up my alley - we are a Project Server 2003 implementatoin partner. First of all, i would like to say that Project Server 2003\Sharepoint integratoin is MUCH better than it was in the previous versions. STS (which worked with Project Server 2002) was just the biggest load of crap. Project Server 2003\Sharepoint 2003 is much better however. I must say, that the out of the box integration is with Windows Sharepoint Services, although you can make it work with Sharepoint Portal Server there are a couple of issues. The one thing i am still battling with is how to include WSS\Project Sites in the SPS search catalogue, but i am busy playing with that. Of course the more indepth Project Server configuration (Views, Ent Global, Ent Res Pool, Security, etc) is a whole different ball game, and i would really recommend you getting someone to help you there. you need to go through a business analasis phase to ensure you know what you need out of the system before you will be able to configure it properly.

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