Projecting my PC to windows laptop or buying a Chromebook.

I'm a university student that currently only has a powerful PC at home. I can't ever focus on studying in my dorm room so always go to the library to study. Due to the nature of my course I need a computer to access the university website and find the work I need to do. The issue is during busy times I can't always find a free computer (this will likely get much worse during exam season).
So I decided to buy a cheap laptop to take with me (and it will also be useful when I go home to visit and for holidays).
My main choice is buying as Asus chromebook as they have a very good battery life and the processor doesn't need to be strong to run the OS. However I'm also considering buying a Windows 10 Laptop and projecting my PC to it, which would allow me to have the power of my computer and have it be portable. How plausible/advisable would this be?

Any advice would be great, thanks.
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Buy a chromebook

by zdnetx622e In reply to Projecting my PC to windo ...

I would advise you to buy a chromebook but it depends on your use case and how much you use your PC. Windows 10 Laptop does give you flexibility as it is more powerful and you can do prettty much everything a PC does. If you mostly need to browse internet or do stuff in cloud then chromebook would be perfect.

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