Proliant DL380 (g1/2?) only boots from xp cd

By webster.rantsolase ·
Good day, could someone please help me out here. I have a proliant DL380 I am not certain if it's a G2 or not. I can't boot from any CD except a Win XP cd, and only the one I made with nLite, even the original Win Xp cd doesn't boot, and even the SmartStart Cd which came with the server doesn't boot. After the XP Cd boots it says no hard drives installed so I figured it needs raid drivers, so I got the mass storage drivers from driverpack and slipstreamed those into my XP cd, then the xp cd doesn't boot anymore. Any help highly appreciated.

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If it's like the old DL380 G1 that I got recently.....

by robo_dev In reply to Proliant DL380 (g1/2?) on ...

I had to keep going into BIOS to manually force the boot order to goto CD-ROM first....

AND, my old CD-ROM drive was failing (had to install a new drive)...

AND, the server seemed to want to eject the CD over and over during the boot process....

other than that, it worked great.

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Cd rom?

by webster.rantsolase In reply to If it's like the old DL38 ...

The cd rom is one of those with an extremely thin ide cable (not suer if there' s a name for those), I only a normal ide one for replacement and when I plug that in it doesn't pick it up!
I am still puzzled as to whay it only reads one disc and not the others. I made a copy of that disck with a different cd brand and it still picks it up, howver if I make any changes to that disck it doesn't pick it up?!

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IDE Hard Drive

by webster.rantsolase In reply to Cd rom?

Just plugged in an IDE hard drive in it, the idea is to load OS on the IDE then use the raid for storage, wonder if I will be able to upgrade it to Server 2K3 afterwards, seeing as it doesn't read the other disc, maybe a network install will do the trick.
Does a network install when I run it from within the OS as compared to network boot?

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Look on the motherboard, there is a standard 40pin IDE connector

by robo_dev In reply to Cd rom?

you then have to change the boot order in BIOS.

The standard CD-ROM drive in those units used a smaller cable which supplies both power and data over one cable (similar to laptop hard drive connector).

If it reads one disk and not another, that is a sign that the drive is very old, very dirty, or both.

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