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Prolinea Running Win95

By vtryismn ·
TRying to upgrade a compaq prolinea running win95 with a 600M hard drive to win98. I've tried everything from replacing the har drive with a 2G. loading 98 on another machine and installing the drive back into the original machine. I continue getting disk errors and at other times the machine doesn't even see the hard drive I've formatted and partioned the original hard drive and tried to load win98 with the cd. pc will not allow me to break into bios to change my boot device to the cd rom. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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by TechieRob In reply to Prolinea Running Win95

Problem doesnt lie within the hard drive, that I can assure you of. As much as I *hate* older systems and OS's I am full of handy tricks and tweaks to get the tempremental things going :)
Upon reading the post a few times I have notivced a few key things. For one, installing 98 onto another HDD and putting it in this PC won't work unfortunately, the software when it installs registers itself within the boot.ini file as well as the bios settings. Hense when you throw the new installed HDD into the other PC it doesn't work :)
You mentioned that you tried installing windows 98 with the CD. By default in BIOS, boot from CD is disabled and disk checking is enabled. What I suggest if you cant "break in" to BIOS is one of two things:

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by TechieRob In reply to

*****First / more viable (recommended) way
You said you installed windows 98 onto another HDD, this leads me to believe that you have a second PC. Brilliant, what you need and what EVERY techie should have in his toolkit is an anchient but heavily underated piece of hardware diagonostics - a windows 98 boot disk.
I trick you not, I have restored currupt installations of windows XP with this handy piece of goodness :)
To create a Win 98 bootdisk, simply go into "add remove programs" via the control panel; and there is a tab for creating a new disk. Once you have created a disk, installing 98 on the other machine is easy. Just pop the disk in (and the win 98 cd) and one of the startup options on the win98 disk is "intstall windows 98 off the cd". Booya :)
* note that if that doesnt initiate, don't stress, there is an option to boot the PC with CD rom support, once this loads you can run the setup off the disk i.e. d:\setup or d:\oemsetup (bypasses a few nasties)
Windows 98 is the only OS that can be installed in under 30 minutes, if you type d:\setup /? it lists all options for installation, such as skipping tests and disk checking . (note "D:\is whatever the cd rom drive is)

****second more dodgy, but quicker
If the BIOS is proected via a password, you can get past it by resetting the BIOS. On the motherboard there is a pin configuration that clears bios, check your manual for exact details but by memory its "jb14" or "jb15" (not sure) It is either two or three pins with a single jumper, change the config, turn on pc for like 5 seconds then off again. reset the jumper back to its original setting and bios should be cleared on next restart. Failing that you can either do the "last resorts". One of which is popping out the CMOS battery if the motherboard has one, then replacing it. the BIOS clock and everything must be reset.

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by TechieRob In reply to

Failing that, there is the "jumping" technique, this is done by shorting the "clear bios" jumper and turning the pc on and off lots for like 20 or so times. This technique is an alamo technique and should only be attempted if nothing else works. I had to perform this when I accidentally set my FSB settings too high on my cpu and the system wouldnt boot at all.
Give that a whirl, and tell me how you get on

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by pierrejamme In reply to Prolinea Running Win95

Answer 1 is full of good advice. I have always had a bad time trying to boot to cdrom when installing W98. a boot disk with CDROM support is best. If you don't have one that works with the Prolinea's CDROM try they have a wide selection and are an excelent source.
Have you tried F10 when booting, mememory says that is how to get into the BIOS. There also may info at Compaq, check out the archives at HP for more info:

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