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Promotion Withheld

By JustKim ·
What should you do when your boss continuously makes promises to promote you but never follows through? The excuse is always that I need more experience but I have been "experiencing" this job for over 4 1/2 years and have yet to be promoted to manager. He never tells me specific reasons. Just that I need more experience.

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Promote yourself

by maxwell edison In reply to Promotion Withheld

If you feel that your current place of employment is limiting your opportunities, it may be time to update the old resume, and seek the management position you desire elsewhere.

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One step ahead

by harris.neill In reply to Promote yourself

I advise peole under me to keep one step ahead of us, the employer, which is equally important for the employer since it ensures that staff are motivated & know where they are going. Over 4 years indicates something is really wrong. Make concrete, reasonalble plans in the company and outside and take the first set that works. Sounds as if teh outside one will!

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one step ahead.

by gauravbahal In reply to One step ahead

Harris is right. Get the requirements / responsibilities of the posistion you want. And make sure you are performing at that level. And make sure these requirements come from your appraiser and the should be on mail and open for review later.

Perform at those tasks and then fight for the promotion. Boss and ur Boss's boss. You shall get it, though there might be some ruffled feathers.

If you can live with that go for it.


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No really "Promote yourself"

by Gambi In reply to Promote yourself

If you feel that you still want to stay with the company and are "waiting" for the position, "advertise" yourself in that position. I have been acting in my a position higher than what I was emplyed to do and the only reason I have not got the job is Black Empowerment (I am from SA). I however have decided to have all my business cards and email signatures stating that I am the IT manager. I do not get any monetry reward except that when I leave the company I can put "IT Manager" on my CV and take the credit.

Think about it!

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by ShaggySheld In reply to No really "Promote yourse ...

What the heck are you going on about?

Just because you have IT Manager on a business card does not entitle you the position of IT Manager.

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You Can't Lie

by Grikter In reply to ??

You go boasting about being an IT Manager and put that on your resume, when your background is checked (and for an IT Manager it will be checked) you will never get the position you applied for.

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by Gambi In reply to You Can't Lie

I am not lying about anything or suggesting that anybody lie on my request.

I have been "filling" the IT Manager post for almost a year and a half now and I AM DOING THE JOB. My managers know what I do and I even have them as a reference on my CV.

Surely I can't be lying if I do that!!!!!

If you are emplyed as a receptionist but end up running the companies books in years to come because of your skills, are you going to put "receptionist" on your CV? - come on guys get real.

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The people that are actually getting the promotions

by TestyTTesterson In reply to Lying?????

What do the people that are actually getting the promotions think about you performing their role? It must be pretty easy to be an IT manager if someone else is doing your job all the time! What about your normal job functions? Maybe that's why you keep getting passed up?

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Great Idea!

by TestyTTesterson In reply to No really "Promote yourse ...


That's a great idea! I never thought of that. I'm going to go out and buy business cards with CIO printed on them right now! I didn't know it was that simple. Then I can start applying to upper-management positions as soon as they're back from the printer. I should be making 6-7 figures by the end of the month! Woo Hoo.

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by ojsimms In reply to Promote yourself

I used to have an employer/friend/boss who worked with me up the ranks when we were both somewhat new to the game. She became a manager of a company, but she never would consider me as a manager type, because she could not, would not let go of the earlier images of me. However, others would view my Masters in Project Management and over 35 years in the business an ultimate asset. She continuously hired other less qualified people as managers, and have been very dissapointed having to fire them both. I just had to accept that I was never going to change her opionion of my management qualifications no matter if I had twice the amount of education and experience. Now, when I apply for manager jobs, I am held in very high regard. Sometimes, you just gotta believe in yourself.

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