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Prompt a message before save records in Access

By Hunterzh ·
In Access 2000 or 2003, normally records are automatically saved after editing. I?ve just developed a database application using MS Access + SQL Server 2000. Colleagues say that they hope to have prompt message before saving records, so as to avoid mistaken modifications.
How can I realize this in MS Access?

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by dryflies In reply to Prompt a message before s ...

Do you have warnings turned on? If you have warnings turned on Access will automatically prompt you before adding deleting or modifying records (if you are working from table view it may not prompt for an added or modified record)

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by wvonboecklin In reply to Prompt a message before s ...

Insert the following prior to moving to another record or closing the form:
If MsgBox("Do you want to save your changes?",vbYesNo,"Save Record") = vbYes then
... INSERT/UPDATE SQL Server table
End If

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by Karpi In reply to Prompt a message before s ...


use the forms "before update" event

Select case Msgbox ("Save?",vbyesno)
case vbyes
case vbno
end select

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by Hunterzh In reply to Prompt a message before s ...

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