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Prompt to confirm folder move on drag/drop

By jwolfer ·
Greetings all...

Been scouring the net all day trying to find a fix/hack for this.

We have many users who perform an accidental drag/drop on a folder rather than a solid double click to view the contents of the folder.

We find that folders will go missing, only to find it has been moved to a nearby folder by mistake.

I would like to know if there is a way to force a yes/no (or whatever) prompt to appear when a user drags and drops a folder using left click.

Permissions are not an option.. as they may very well need to move it, and if they are deliberate about it, it is fine. It is the accidental moves that are driving me nuts!

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Wild guess

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Prompt to confirm folder ...

As I understand the problem, the user is intending to double-click. Instead, the user holds the button down too long for the first click, and he isn't holding the mouse still, so the OS interprets it as a drag-and-drop.

I don't know how to force a prompt, but have you tried slowing the mouse down so it isn't as sensitive to the minor movement? Or enlarge the icons and the space between them so it's harder to overlap them? I think PowerToys allows this.

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Drag-drop folder move problems

by alex.bailey In reply to Wild guess

That's a good decription of the problem, which I see a lot. Users drag one folder inside another nearby. Its been a problem since Microsoft gave the common dialog boxes 'mini-explorer' functionality. I am looking for a registry hack or policy setting either to disable the explorer functionality in these boxes or to force a confirmation request before a file move. Does anybody know one?

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user data on accidental moving folders/drag &drop

by ward In reply to Prompt to confirm folder ...

Looking for info from IT managers on users by mistake moving folders; drag/drop rather than double click to view contents;etc. Looking for any data on how widespread human error a factor.

many thanks

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Ever get a solution for this?

by alan.kass In reply to Prompt to confirm folder ...

I'm looking for solutions to the same problem with our laptop users. Ever get a solution or work-around for it?

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Has a solution been found

by jfigas In reply to Prompt to confirm folder ...

I also have users that don't pay attention to what they are doing and move files and folders by mistake. Has anyone found a way to receive a prompt like you get when you delete. ie: Are you sure you want to . . . .

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the solution is in the past, Windows 9x had the option

by Andy Konecny In reply to Has a solution been found

a long time ago, in the transition from 16 to 32 bit operations, we did have the option we desire in Windows 95 and 98, but Microsoft, in their infinite 'wisdom' decreed that we no longer need that option of a warning about folder moves. Apparently in the Microsoft world, removing features is a product 'enhancement'.
This is why I avoid using Explorer as much as possible, with my choice of an alternate being Total Commander from

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Do you have solution now ?

by wcasinillo In reply to Prompt to confirm folder ...

Hi !

Can you share how do you solve your problem. I have the same case, if Microsoft Windows have the ability to record or to log a any drag/drop or moving of files/folder then this will solve the case in order for us to get the culprit. Since some users are denying of what they did.

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good Audit programs should track this

by Andy Konecny In reply to Do you have solution now ...

I'm sure that most good audit programs will track this problem, even if they don't do anything to stop this from happening.
The users who are denying doing these accidental drag and drops are very likely just not aware that they've done so.

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What is the solution? The world needs this!

by marco.monzon In reply to Do you have solution now ...

Does anyone have an answer to this post, it seems to be a poputlar search and I keep coming up empty, some registry ones, where you go to HKCU or HKLM and modify SW/MS/Windows/CurrentVersion\InternetSettings\Zones\0 and 1 DWORDS 1802 change Value data from 0 to 1 . And that didnt work!

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by m_bilal_sheikh In reply to Prompt to confirm folder ...


I can understand the pain. I am/was in the same situation. Been looking and googling for ages. If you have AD you can tackle it by group policy through the following kb article.

More Info on

This go for the prompt when selecting the action. I have successfully implemented it with a sigh of relief when looking at the result.

Now i have one problem left of my own. I cant block users creating folders or renaming them without having to sacrifice their file renaming and modifying capabilities which are what i require. I am sure this is a typical scenario for most central storage based setups without a document management solution.

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