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Properly shutting down Win95

By boringisle ·
I help manage 15 workstations at a bank in Grand Cayman. When I got here the computers were a mess. None of them would shut down properly. After a few DAYS of observation I noticed the IT Manager, my boss, shutting down WIN95 boxes by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del(twice, not once and clicking SHUT DOWN). He seems to think nothing is wrong with that while I think it's the cause for the shutdown problems(along with an ATI video driver). Many of the users get other errors that I believe are associated. AmI right? I've switched some of the machines to Windows NT and have had no problems.

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by amamsrd In reply to Properly shutting down Wi ...

Some of the TSRs that are running in the background could be damaged or corrupted by the bad shutdowns, or there could be many reasons for the TSRs to freeze up. Try reinstalling windows, this will not change many settings, but it may replace some of the files that will not quit on their own.

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End the Applications

by Al Macintyre In reply to Properly shutting down Wi ...

I am an IT Manager & I recognize that it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the END USER of each PC to properly end their work each day, because if they have had PROPER TRAINING then they understand their applications, and they know what needs to be done to get into each application & take it to a conclusion.

Then once nothing is running on the PC, you can do an orderly shut down ... unless it has some problems ... I have encountered instance of PC on Win 98 in which swap file is on different drive for efficiency of access, but PC is almost out of gas ... moving swap file back to same drive as Windows makes it able to shut down.

On our network we are able to see who has gone home & left their devices signed on or powered on. As far as I am concerned, this has to be end user responsibility, because our 50 end users are scattered across 3 sites.

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