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    Proposed career trajectory in InfoTech: viable or pipe dream?

    by resplendent_rooster ·

    Hello fine folks — I am considering a career in IT and am hoping for a career trajectory reality check to confirm I’m not totally off or diving into a pipedream. Without going too deep into my pity party, I am a 40 year old man and the breadwinner for my family. My decade-old business that I built, own, and run in an unrelated field died dramatically this year due to market conditions that I could not adjust around and I’ve lost all of my income. I do not wish to stay in that industry. I need a new industry with good prospects for the future and I’m leaning toward IT. I have a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field, but I do have some passion for technology and computers.

    My research seems to imply that within a handful of months after getting the CompTIA A+ certification, with some earnest effort I can likely land a job as an entry-level IT professional around 45-60k (major east coast US city) and get hands on experience. From there I can work on my Network+ and Security+ and other certifications, teach myself some BASH and SQL, maybe Python down the line, AWS or Azure certs. Maybe 1-3 years in, be aiming for a more mid-level position that involves networks/databases or similar and maybe get up to the 70-85k range. Continue with relevant certifications and maybe 4-5 years from now be reasonably able to land a role in network building/management or cybersecurity and break back into the $100,000+ income I am accustomed to. My big ask: is this totally crazy or is that a reasonable framework of expectation?

    I know it wont be easy. I expect to need to network with industry professionals, continually train to be competitive, build an attractive resume and submit them like crazy. What I do have going for me is a strong work ethic, and 7+ years of management experience in an insanely competitive, business networking-heavy industry and know I can present well so long as I truly learn the technical skills. My understanding from speaking with others is that IT and its related fields are very merit based, and large enough as an industry that even if some roles are saturated, you can probably advance reasonably so long as you actually put in the time to learn. I suppose my secondary ask would be confirmation with regards to the merit-based nature of the industry.
    If any kind souls are willing to impart ideas of how one might surpass the entry level roles and start more directly in networks/security/data, that would also be appreciated. Thank you all!

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      To skip the entry level roles.

      by rproffitt ·

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      You would have the usual superior accolades. My son is working on his masters in computer science. I don’t see how one can avoid higher education and even then you had to have run into someone with a masters working at Starbucks.

      Merit based? Lately I get the feeling in the US labor market it’s more like “what have you done for me lately?” You see a lot of pushback to the old school ways where you were on call 24×7. Now folk have had enough and will “work to rule.” As detailed at

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