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pros and cons of mac os ten

By Jaqui ·
just for fairness since there is the winders discussion.

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It's just the computer geeks versus the other six billion humans

by DC Guy In reply to pros and cons of mac os t ...

Most of the people here are IT professionals. The demographic group that tends to have high IQs and prefer technology to people. The people who can figure out how software works by intuition and when it doesn't work they get a lot of satisfaction out of fixing it or finding their lost data. These are the people who designed the Windows architecture, assuming that everybody else is like them.

These people don't understand that the rest of the earth's population is qualitatively different from them. We don't find software to be fun. We just expect it to work. The same way we don't enjoy learning the specs on our auto engines or rebuilding carburetors, we just want our cars to work.

Even though I'm an IT professional, I've lost my enthusiasm for the nuts and bolts of software over the decades. The same way I've lost interest in how the fuel injectors and electronic ignition on my car work.

I was handed PCs at my job like most unfortunate Americans, and I just got used to the idea that the so-called "information infrastructure" is really THAT WRETCHED. I laugh when people worry about computers taking over the world when it seems like they can't go two days without destroying one of their own important files. I swore at my PC, I hit it or kicked it a few times. I stormed out of my office in a fit and vowed never to boot the blasted thing again. Then I got one at home because at least word processing and spreadsheets should be easy, right? WRONG. Lost and corrupted files, counterintuitive architecture, user-hostile menus, important features hidden from the eyes of all but the gurus who know by instinct where to look for them, help screens that are a big joke when they're not busy pointing in a loop.

Then a year ago I got a Macintosh running OS/X. It was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the world turns from black and white into technicolor. I really don't have to think about my computer anymore! It just works! I can find stuff! Commands do pretty much what I expect them to do! If I make a mistake I can figure out what it was and undo it!

My blood pressure is lower, I have more time to play with my dogs.

Of course, now when I get into the office and this worthless piece of drenn -- a PC with Windows XP -- is staring at me, I realize how bad off I am and I feel like kicking it again. But at least I can look forward to happy hours at home not having to be a software mechanic just to survive in the world.

We IT geeks need to wake up and realize that most people are NOT LIKE US. As computing power gets more affordable and more people get into it who don't have the aptitude, interest, or time to train themselves to be software mechanics, they will be totally underwhelmed by the PC architecture. I expect PC sales to level off while Apple sells six billion more units.

If there is any justice in the world. I'd sure hate for some of those people in the developing countries who are already on the verge of exploding to suddenly have a PC in their life! There is already enough anger in the world.

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Number one Pro for MAC OS Ten

by jdclyde In reply to pros and cons of mac os t ...

It isn't Windows.

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Number two Pro for MAC OS Ten

by wordworker In reply to pros and cons of mac os t ...

It isn't linux! :]

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by jdclyde In reply to Number two Pro for MAC OS ...

to develope a sence of humor? B-)

Join the club and stop taking everything so seriously!

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To be sure!

by wordworker In reply to Are you STARTING

I am hereby turning in my thread police badge - let the drinking begin.

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In that case

by jdclyde In reply to To be sure!

let me get you the first round!

I don't carry grudges, how about you?

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By all means!

by wordworker In reply to In that case

I'll get the second round, maybe the third and fourth, too. See you at ITIM in Orlando in October??

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Aren't grudges a little hard to carry?

by jmgarvin In reply to In that case

I mean they aren't like luggage with handles on alwasy seemed to me you held a grudge, you didn't carry it ;-)

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Worst thing about carrying grudges

by wordworker In reply to Aren't grudges a little h ...

Ties up a hand that could otherwise be used to carry beer or ice or sandwiches. Nyuck Nyuck.

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Ok, we have a hack here

by jdclyde In reply to Worst thing about carryin ...

first of all, who are you and what have you done with wordworker?

Did you just hack his account, steal his computer or is he tied up in the next room? :^O

You carry ice? ?

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