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Pros/cons of overseas assignment?

By rgarretson ·
I'm trying to get a handle on the pros and cons of working overseas. Anyone with actual war stories (or career success stories) care to offer your two cents?

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I've done a few system rollouts overseas as a consultant...

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Pros/cons of overseas ass ...

but for no longer than a week in places like Sydney, Australia and Hamilton, Bermuda,for which I was being paid by their U.S. based headquarters in US dollars. I'de never take on a long term assignment overseas because of all of the responsibilities I have here back home in the US. Then there is the issue of paying U.S. taxes on income earned overseas, and having to figure out how much you should be charging in their currency to equate to a decent profit in U.S. dollars. I personally would not be able to simply drop everything and move elsewhere for a job. I have too many things at stake here.

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Good point about the $s

by dawgit In reply to I've done a few system ro ...

You'll find out real quick that the $ is close to worthless, not quite total worthless yet, but be prepared for ouch. $1.30 might get you a ?.

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by NickNielsen In reply to I've done a few system ro ...

Last I knew (it may have changed), income earned outside the United States and its territories is not subject to U.S. tax, regardless of the source. It may, however, be subject to tax in the country in which it is earned.

The obvious exception to this is U.S. government employees (Dept of State, military, etc.) who get to pay tax no matter where they are.

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That really depends...

by dawgit In reply to Taxes

...On which Country.
...On Terms & Conditions of Employment.
... & On Just Who You'll be working for.
I'll try to make a little check list for everybody tommorow. -d (no promises, but bug me about it anyway)

edited to fix the spelling, brand new site & I still can't spell. oh, poo.

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Been there Done That

by Wayne.Murphy.ctr In reply to Taxes

I worked for a Global / US company OS (England). You pay local host taxes if the company is from the host country or International. and US Taxes if the company is US / Non-International. (ie.. US Government, AD, GS, US Company on a US Base) but you have to concider cost of living. paid in US dollars might sound good until you see the currency exchange, and housing cost as well as you will be paying in local currency. example in the UK 50,000 US is about 25,000 UK and what cost 1 dollar here might cost 1 pound there.

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War stories???

by dawgit In reply to Pros/cons of overseas ass ...

Where exactly is "overseas" to you mean? If your talking any where in Europe, you'll have a little culture shock. That's about all. And you might have to slow down a bit, but for the most part the tech. is 5 years ahead. -d

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Could be almost anywhere

by rgarretson In reply to War stories???

But Europe is most likely opportunity, with Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, even Australia) also in the mix. ...

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just let us know...

by dawgit In reply to Could be almost anywhere

Let us know when you find out which direction, somebody will get more info, on the local to ya.

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Overseas assignments

by mike_parr In reply to Pros/cons of overseas ass ...

Having worked in Latvia for the last 6 months in an english speaking IT company, I can wholeheartedly recommend the opportunities that arise from an overseas assignment, however, these positive issues are easily overshadowed by the issues of working with 'local' workforce, their customs, attitude to work, political infighting (within departments, not as a national political issue! )
My whole experience is one I would never have missed, but recent developments that are now coming to a head which result in projects being incomplete, lack of communication for whatever reason and sheer bloody mindedness of a country and workforce who, despite escaping soviet rule 15 yrs ago, seem to keep old 'soviet' traits for the fun of it. As long as you have an excape route (ie good social network outside the workplace, are prepared to integrate and accept shortcomings, well go for it!)

just saw the posting date, did you go for it, or are you still thinking?

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