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Pro's & Con's: Windows XP

By bc.miller3 ·
I'm sure this discussion has already occurred on numerous occassions and has been talked to death already. BUT... I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on Windows XP, both at home and for the professional environment.

My thoughts so far...

PROS: Better PnP functionality than previous Windows OS's, Program Compatibility Wizard, Remote Desktop Support, more user friendly.

CONS: Inability to easily swap around hardware, some software/hardware compatibility issues

Overall, I really like this Operating System. As a hardware tech for an office of approx. 200 people, its ease of installation and configuration makes my job a snap. It's improved PnP functionality has especially been a life saver, as I have encountered problems with Windows 2000 recognizing certain external hardware devices.

The Program Compatibility Wizard is also a VERY nice touch! I have had to use this utility to install a few applications for my users who are using XP, and it has worked successfully with all but one application (which we have a new, XP-compatible version of anyway)

I have not had the opportunity to use this yet, but the built in Remote Desktop Support appears to be a hit with our Server Administrators. Its nice to not have toinstall 3rd party support software, as the application that we use is problem-ridden anyway (Timbuktu Pro)

Though the new look & feel takes some getting used to, I think that it is now a little more user-friendly.

My only true complaint is that making changes to your hardware configuration can cause it to crap out on you. As a hardware tech, I find that I often need to perform hardware swaps to resolve issues, and this is no simple task with this OS.

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